39° 12' South
146° 59' East

Weather: Heavy showers, Wind: 213 / 12 knots, Temp: 13 deg. C, Swell: nil

Ahoy there Shipmates,

Overnight the ship continued motor-sailing towards Wilson’s Promontory. The prevailing westerly winds required us to tack our way there which required us to transit through the Bass Strait Oil and Gas platforms area. We tacked once through the night at 0400 at the change of watch between middle watchmen and morning watchmen.

At 1200 we entered a number of rain showers as we awaited the expected the wind to shift from the south, which would make our remaining passage to Refuge Cove strait-forward and reasonably quick. Unfortunately the wind stayed westerly and as we were looking at another 6 hours to get to the Promontory I decided to seek a sheltered anchorage in the lee of the main island in the Hogan Group, which was only an hour’s motor-sail away. We anchored in the bay on the eastern side at 1400 and enjoyed the relief from the 30 knot winds and 2.5 metre swells.

After sea-furling the mainsail and round 4 of Rope Races we gave the youth crew some free time to relax and catch up on sleep if they wished. In between the showers we had a teak-deck BBQ for dinner and then the youth crew enjoyed the movie ‘Around Cape Horn’ about the adventures of Irving Johnson aboard the massive bark Peking followed by some optional celestial navigation theory.

Navigator Rick gave the youthies a briefing on the duties of anchor watchmen after which they commenced their two hour anchor watch shifts.

It is intended to remain in our current anchorage through the night. The weather is forecast to abate overnight and the plan is to sail after breakfast, conduct Rotational and Demonstrational Tacks in the morning and Captain’s Setting and Furling after lunch. We will transit towards our next planned anchorage in Port Phillip Bay tomorrow and through the night, arriving at Rye around midday on Saturday.

Yours Aye

Captain Mike



(To the tune of Mama Mia)

We’ve been sailing with you since the 29th

It’s not long now before we say goodbye

Look at us nooooooow

We are sailing through the big swell

We are tacking through the night

Let’s make sure the sails are tight

Just one look and you can see we’re all hot

Just one look and you can see it’s blue water

Ooh – Woah

Young Endeavour it’s time to wake up

Now now how can you resist us

Young Endeavour does it really show

Now now just how much we’ll miss ya

Yes we’ll be broken – hearted

Oh come the day we part my my how could we ever let you go.