19° 52' South
143° 37' East

Weather: overcast with passing showers, Wind: 170 / 22 knots, Wind waves: 2.0 metres

Ahoy there Shipmates,

The ship remained at sea overnight making slow ground towards the Whitsunday Islands against the fresh SE wind and the swell. During the first watch we were able to set the fore-and-aft sails when the wind veered more southerly, however that only lasted for a couple of hours before it backed again from the SE. We were then forced to hand-in sail and motor into the weather again.

During the night all of the watches also undertook the leadership activity known as the ‘Bearex’, which is controlled by the watch leaders, who set their watch a task they have not seen before. They are, however, given a set of detailed instructions on how to complete the task. It is an initiative and leadership activity designed to provide the opportunity for members of the crew to step-up and take charge of the task.

Today’s morning brief featured ‘Salty’ explaining, with the use of ‘actors’, the origin of why toilets are called ‘heads’ in ships and why ships of old had figureheads. After ‘happy hour’ the watches set the sails again and then had their mid-voyage chats, facilitated by their watch leaders.

After lunch we had a another round of ‘Rope Races’ which was followed by the Ship going to Tacking Stations so that we could change tacks by putting the bow through the wind. Later in the afternoon we celebrated Melissa Davie’s birthday by getting the crew together in the café, presenting her with a cake and all singing ‘happy birthday’ to her.

We conducted a two watch wear at 2000 at the changeover of watch, handed-in sail and then commenced our run southwards through the Whitsunday Passage towards our anchorage for tomorrow morning.

Until tomorrow, yours aye,


P.S. From Joh: Happy Birthday to Craig. I’m scrubbing the deck in return for not being with you today ;) Enjoy the lightie. Love you lots Joh