38° 40' South
148° 45' East

Weather: overcast and showers, Wind: 225 / 25 knots, Swell: 2.5 metres from the SW,Temp: 16 deg. C

Ahoy there Shipmates,

Overnight the ship continued on passage south then south-west towards Bass Strait. During the morning watch we had some excitement when the wind veered to the SW, the squares all backed and the boat speed slowed to less than 2 knots. Just as quickly it veered again but abated to less than 10 knots. Accordingly we clewed-up the square sails and motor-sailed on the fore-and-aft sails.

After the morning brief and ‘happy hour’ the youth crew all lay aloft to sea-furl the square sails. This was a fairly slow task, which was finally completed after lunch. I then gave Part 2 of my Sail Theory brief, which was followed by Edition 3 of ‘Ropies’. During the afternoon watch we entered Bass Strait and were following the traffic lane when the wind veered to the south-west and increased to 25 knots. That placed the wind on the bow and caused us to have to alter course to the south and hand-in the Jib, Topgallant Staysail and Mainsail. We intend motor-sailing on this course until 2000 we will alter course to the west and track towards the Victoria Coast. Looking ahead at the weather forecast we are expecting some gale force SW winds on Thursday afternoon so I have been decided to seek shelter in Refuge Cove on the eastern side of Wilson’s Promontory as soon as we can get there.

Until tomorrow,

Yours Aye

Captain Mike



My milkshake brings all the crew to the yard

And they’re like can you even pull hard?

Damn right we all pull hard!

White could teach ya but we’d have to charge.

My helming brings all the crew to the tack

And they’re like, WHA THE HACK

Damn right, we need to tack

We’d fix it, but we’ve gone off track.

Lo lo lo lo lo

- Want to sail

Lo lo lo lo lo

- The waves are waiting

Lo lo lo lo lo

- Let’s heave the brawls

Lo lo lo lo lo

- The winds are changing