Voyage name: 
V19/18 Newcastle to Sydney
19 Oct - 29 Oct 2018
34 17s
151 24e
Wind: S at 21 knots Weather: Cold and overcast Swell: SE at 2.0m Course: 060 true Speed: 5 knots Location: NE of Wollongong
Ahoy Shipmates and welcome to a cold and windy Day 6. After a night at anchor and some strong southerly winds, we departed Jervis Bay at 0700 in order to make sure we were well clear of the Beecroft Firing Range where some warships were going bang later in the day. Once safely clear, the Youth Crew lay aloft in some rolly conditions to cast loose on the square sails. When everyone was back on deck, we set some squares and have spent the day sailing up the coast in 15-20 knot southerlies...nice! I'll hand over to the gang from white wtch to tell you more. Fair winds, Captain Kenny...-... Last night we spent at anchor, participating in our short anchor watches. We had some heavy winds and we dragged anchor. Captain Kenny and Jerome let out some more cable (anchor chain), and then we were rock solid. At 0700am this morning we hastily set sail out of Jervis to clear the Beecroft Gunnery Range. Shortly after we enjoyed a bacon / egg roll breakfast on mid-ships. Then commenced our morning meeting where we learnt about the phrases ‘show a leg’ and ‘permission to go to the heads.’ The rest of the day flew by, we had ‘ropes’ game and Whities are almost catching up!! Then the insightful Captain Kenney taught us all about the wind and what sails to put up depending on wind direction. We then went through 4 practice tacts, focusing on getting everyone familiar with what they look like from the Bridge. We then had dinner which was brisket and vegetables, with a delicious caramel slice for dessert!! Whities are just finishing the dog watch! Everyone is feeling pretty tired from the days activities! Keen for some sleep and a fresh start in the morning! Shout out to all of the crew for making this such a great learning experience so far!! Also to everyone in White Watch for being the most punctual and supportive team! Beth and Emily
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