Voyage name: 
V07/19 Brisbane to Mackay
11 May - 21 May 2019
23 09s
150 56e
Wind: SE at 18 knots Weather: Overcast, passing showers Location: At anchor Great Keppel Island
Ahoy shipmates. Well after 3 nights under sail we are finally at anchor on the north western side of Great Keppel Island. Brad and Lexus have covered recent events below, so I'll keep it brief...suffice to say it's still windy! Great for sailing...not so great for shore visits, although the youth crew managed to find a sheltered beach and visit the kiosk at the nearby resort. We will remain at anchor overnight before departing to continue our journey north tomorrow stop the Percy Island group. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny.---------- Captains Log Day 5 – 15 May 2019 Lexus- This morning we woke up at Great Keppel Island and started the morning with a brief and Captain Kenny, Tracey and Phil had some questions for us. Whoever answered the questions correctly was given a Young Endeavour wristband which we were all happy about. We then commenced happy half hour as we wanted as much time as possible on the beach. After tirelessly cleaning we went down into the cafe and made ourselves each a burger to take over to the Island and eat for lunch. We were briefed on the life jackets and boarding the RHIB (Ridged hull inflatable boat) and then went in groups of 5 to the island. At the island we started with a game of dodge ball. After that game Zach and I (LEXUS) went for a walk and explored the island and we saw an echidna. Because it was scared of us approaching it buried its head in the ground and i thought that was cute and we patted it. The rest of the day was spent enjoying Great Keppel Island, getting to know the other youth crew, going for a swim and the red watch revisited our goals and the last 5 days. The day ended back onboard playing deck games and enjoying a good BBQ. Brad- Over the night all watches completed their BEAREX. A BEAREX is a challenging but not impossible task set by the Youth Watch Leader for the Watch to complete. First we started by writing words we thought made a good team and then commenced the BEAREX. Blue Watch and White Watch were challenged with setting up the Storm Jib, which is a sail that is used in winds greater than 35kn. Neither team had seen or used this sail before and the only assistance we got was a booklet and four questions for our Watch Leader. Red Watch was tasked with furling the Mainstaysail and Forestaysail, and clewing up the Top Gallant and Top Sail in under 30 minutes. All teams completed the exercises successfully. After the exercises we debriefed discussing our thoughts and feelings about the exercise and where we thought the teams strengths and individual strengths were, then returned to their normal watch routine. Our Sailmaster assigned us a new challenge called Three Ways. Everyone was very comfortable in their Watch Groups and everyone knows everyone very well, however there are lots of other Youth on the boat. The aim of this challenge was to get to know two other people (one from the other two watches – this was sorted by the Crew), we were tasked with finding out who they are, where they come from, hobbies, family, travels and future endeavours. Later in the evening we will be tasked with speaking in front of the whole crew about one of the two people in our Three Ways. This will be happening after this log is written and published so stay tuned for tomorrows Captains Log for how Three Ways go.
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