33° 34' South
151° 43' East

Weather: partly cloudy, Wind: 015/16 knots, Swell: NE at 1.5 metres, Temp: 17 deg. C

Ahoy there Shipmates,

Overnight the Ship continued to make ground to the northwards along the NSW coast. We entered Broken Bay at 0800 and proceeded to anchor at Patonga, a quaint little fishing village and holiday destination. Once morning brief was completed we put the youthies ashore to play some organised sport at the local sports ground and then give them some free time for an hour. Some went for a swim at the local beach and others decided to enjoy the Patonga beach café. They returned onboard at 1200 in time for another of Haydo’s appetising lunches.

At 1300 we gathered the crew together for the Team STS Young Endeavour ‘Shave for a Cure’. The choice was to either shave your hair and/or beard or colour your hair. We took before photos then all the participants were shaved with electric clippers one at a time. We then took after photos of everyone. A few are attached. It is not too late to donate to this very worthy cause in the name of our Team above.

We had a quick swim, followed by the next round of ‘Ropies’ before weighing anchor at 1530 and proceeding to sea again. Once clear of Broken Bay we undertook Rotational Tacks during which the watches got to rotate through the other watches’ positions to experience what they do at Tacking Stations.

After dinner we settled into our passage northwards which will continue through the night. The Youthies will undertake a number of activities during tonight’s watches aimed at better preparing them for Command Day, which will start around midday on Monday.

Until tomorrow.

Yours Aye

Captain Mike