Voyage name: 
V16/18 Airlie Beach to Gladstone
10 Sep - 20 Sep 2018
21 15.7 S
149 43.9 E
Wind: ESE @ 10 kts Swell: 090 @ 0.1m
Perhaps cliché, but I never tire of a sunset at sea. Tonight’s was definitely no slouch! A gorgeous sky over the Cumberland Island group, with Mackay in the background. Not to mention, we took a short cut through the middle of some 50 odd coal ships, all waiting patiently - in their allocated anchorages - for their call up to berth and fill up. Quite an amazing sight as the sun disappeared over the horizon. 12ish hours earlier, the sun rose over beautiful, Brampton Island, as we rose and shone ourselves, to the tune of “Oh, Mickey, you’re so fine” (thanks Tug, first rate musical education for the younger ones!). Then up on deck, BBQ breakfast (thanks Horto and Zac) and a swim in the sea – it’s all included in the price my friends - and a rope swing to boot! Still pinching themselves in disbelief at their priceless situation and surroundings, our beloved Youthie’s, swung and swam, fed and frolicked. We know how to start the day right! Morning brief before happy hour, then Jerome the Nav, wowed us all with his Navigational know-how and taught our sea puppies (not yet sea dogs) all he knew (well, some). Having picked up what Jerome was putting down, the Youthie’s then went to lunch (I had the Punjabi curry and naan – 4 stars). Rope races took place at 1300, culminating in an epic ‘zooper dooper’ sucking race (forever more known as "the epic ‘zooper dooper’ sucking race of 2018"), which Red Watch dominated, I might ad! Whilst still buzzing from their ‘zooper dooper’ high, we set a lovely sail plan before conducting Rotational Tacks. This is when all watches rotate to observe and participate in tacking the ship from the other watch’s positions. It’s all well and good knowing ones own area of responsibility, but when the watch’s are mixed up during Command Day (aka staff holiday), it’s essential that everyone knows everyone else’s roles. On completion, I sat down with the Youth Crew and imparted some sail theory knowledge. Then we had tacos for dinner… mmmmmm, tacos! Zac was assisted by Master Chef’s: Lillie, Ryan and Sophie, and man, those tacos were good! (Soft and hard, thanks for asking) Well, dear readers, it was another amazing day - full of highlights - in the big blue. It all started with some rope swing acrobatics… whales were seen breaching and slapping their pectorals all throughout the day... one lonely dolphin was spotted looking for his mates… then some watched the magnificent sunset from up the mast… and now all those ships loitering… all cool and quirky things that we witness at sea and we will always remember about this very special voyage. Tonight we will motor sail in a south easterly direction, towards Middle Percy Island, where we intend to visit tomorrow. Youthie’s will participate in teamwork and leadership activities overnight and I intend slipping quietly into a taco coma! Good night. Yours Aye, Captain Adam. Shout-outs: "Happy Birthday Mum for the 11th and sorry I couldn’t be there, hope all is going well back home and don’t worry because here everything is amazing and I hope that Dad spoiled you!" - Jordan. "Don’t worry about me. Going all good having an amazing time tell Callyn and Tristan I say hello." - Kearan.
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