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Currently located 237nm from Buenos Aires and experiencing moderate 10-15kt NE winds with a 1m NE swell. Current temperature is 16 degrees.   

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 45 of our voyage. Another perfect day at sea with plenty of sunshine to warm our bones and a new game of ‘Crab Soccer ’introduced to the ship by Chef Aaron to challenge the sports minded. As you will see by reading tonight’s log it has been a busy day with plenty going on so enjoy the log which has been written tonight by Julia and Caitlin.

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

Tuesday 03 Feb 15

Day XX (still don’t know and still going up)

Blue watch started off the morning at the reasonable time of “zero seven hundred” (0700) when we were awoken by Electric Feel by MGMT and the dulcet tones of Sandy’s voice. After a delicious breakfast made by Masterchef Fiona and her two assistants, Katherine and Shannon, we commenced our watch at 0745. We emerged from the midships hatch into the fog that had surrounded us overnight and relieved the white watch.


At approximately 0900 this morning, we finally crossed out of the Roaring Forties and into the 39th parallel of latitude (a significant milestone for the Young Endeavour). Grace boldly helmed the ship through this milestone and just as we crossed that imaginary line, the heavens opened and the skies cleared. The temperature increased from 17 to 20 degrees. We exposed our legs and arms (blinding a few people in the process) as the fog dissipated and the sun emerged through the clouds. We bathed in this wonderful new light, preparing ourselves for the climate of Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro.

Morning brief was held at 0930 this morning, while in the sunshine on the starboard side of the bridge, where Sandy’s extremely dulcet tones held the stage again. Karri “randomly” selected Paige to educate us on “Navy jargon.” She explained the term “hard up” in relation to helming but was corrected from the official book of jargon by Taffy.



After morning brief, whilst everyone else was entertaining themselves with Happy Hour (the happiest hour of the day), we furled the forestaysail and the jib and then brailed the main. We were gasketing the main when we were called to midships where Robyn held the elections for Command Day, which will commence just after the pilotage from Buenos Aires and continue for 48 hours (roughly), as we continue on our way to Rio de Janeiro.



We are pleased to announce, and congratulate, our command day leaders. The ship will be captained by Sam, from our very own Blue Watch! He will be assisted by Robyn, as Sailmaster, and guided by Julia (me!) as Navigator. They will be assisted by Watch Officer Michelle and the three watch leaders, Grace, Henry, and Karri. The ship will be kept running by our engineers, Tito, Reece and Greg and the crew will be kept running by Masterchefs, Fiona, Kieran and Rusty. The remainder of the crew will be divided into new watches as required for Command Day.



Blue Watch quickly and efficiently finished gasketing the main before another delicious lunch, prepared by Fiona. After lunch Double A Ron (Aaron), having so much free time due to being reprieved by Fiona, organised a round of Ultimate Crab Soccer. We played in teams of two and the ball in a shopping bag tied to a line overhead. The champions, in order, are Tito and Sam, Fiona and Michelle, and Livvy and Katherine. There were a few minor scratches due to the intensity and seriousness of the players and the game.



As Red Watch were keeping the ship safe, the rest of the crew found the perfect opportunity to soak up the sunshine, work on their tans (with sunscreen on) and kip on the deck. Julia counts herself guilty of a decent rack out on the deck.



Aaron returned to the galley for dinner. Thanks to Fiona for taking the mantle and giving our hard-working chef a break!

Blue watch has now returned to the bridge for a beautiful sunset, a relaxing watch and a slightly sweaty end to the day.

Yours Aye

Julia and Caitlin

Blue Watch represent!

P.S Lindsey would like to congratulate his wife for putting up with him for 26 years on the 4th of February.

P.S.S Julia would like to say Happy Birthday to her Dad and Happy Anniversary to her parents for the 2nd of February. See, I knew I would remember!