53° 1' South
63° 54' West

Currently located 160nm east of the Straits of Magellan, motor sailing and experiencing moderate to strong 15-20kt NE winds with a 1.5m NE swell. Current temperature is 8 degrees with a wind chill of -2.  

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 40 of our voyage. Today we have just been getting back into routine following our short break in Ushuaia. All of the Crew have returned to their original Red, White and Blue Watches and this is where they will stay until we say our farewells in Rio.


What we have decided to do during our passage to Buenos Aires is to give the Crew even more responsibility with running the ship as they have already demonstrated that they are up to the challenge. This will involve doing a lot more navigation and selection of sail plans and generally running their own watch with us Staff Crew looking after safety as we normally do.



The weather conditions started favourable today but have now veered more to the north which has slowed our progress. Paige has assured me that it should back to the north west sometime during the next 12hrs which again should assist our passage to Buenos Aires.



Tonight when I asked for a volunteer to write the Captains Log Kieran stepped forward and said that he would give it a shot. Thanks Kieran!!

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

PS A big hello and hug for my wonderful Mum Marie in Launceston, Tasmania who gets to read these Logs once they are kindly printed by Chris at the Riverview Hotel and delivered home by my Dad Max. Love you Mum!! Hope you are enjoying all the Logs. Gav xxox

It has been one day since our departure from Ushuaia and I am still reminiscent of many of the activities I took there, such as poorly speaking Spanish, visiting the majestic mountains, museums and let’s not forget eating at an Argentinean steakhouse!(Parilla) (They could cook a really mean steak). I would have taken photos but unfortunately I had ‘misplaced’ my camera charger. Typical! I guess I will just have to steal everyone else’s photos. Along with photos being taken (by everyone who’s not me), souvenirs were bought; a lot of which are edible such as dolche de leche – a delectable caramel sweet. Although these barely lasting a day.

As far as life on the ship goes, we have continued back into our original watches but with Kenny now the White Watch ring leader and Sandy as the Sail master. Sandy’s first order of business as sail master was making us play a game of Knights, Mounts and Cavaliers; where I got eliminated in the second round. Atlanticans (what us rabble have been named for the day) also have a new role to fill in – Officer of the watch – doing the navigation, avoiding other ships and other busy work. Of course this has now given Matt too much free time and is playing pretend tanks with Kenny and Rusty whilst on watch. Another event that I experienced today was bumping my head on the bunk above me as I woke up. Ouch!

Yours aye,