Voyage name: 
V18/18 Brisbane to Newcastle
06 Oct - 16 Oct 2018
31 18s
153 03e
Course: 197 true Speed: 6 knots Wind: Light and Variable Weather: Partly cloudy Swell: NE at 1.0 metre Location: 10nm north of Port Macquarie
Ahoy Shipmates...well another tough day on Young Endeavour (not). After a pleasant overnight sail we arrived at anchor in the beautiful Trial Bay, South West Rocks, at 0730 this morning...with many a whale sighting in the tranquil waters of the early morn. Keen to make use of the high tide to ferry the crew ashore, we conducted a quick morning brief, boat brief, and 3 way talks demo before the Youth Crew were landed ashore at a delightful little beach just near the historic Trial Bay Gaol...and civilisation. Some swam, some ate and drank, some walked, some explored, all under a sunny spring sky. The first teak deck bbq of the voyage greeted them on their return, enjoyed by all. The chores never go away however, and with full bellies it was time for happy hour, maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the ship. We weighed anchor at 1400 to recommence our passage south. Once clear of land round 2 of the competitive/non competitive activity known as rope races took place, with white watch holding a slender lead. We then took advantage of the 10-14 noreaster, setting a full press of fore and aft sails. 3 way talks followed, where the Youth Crew get to know a little bit more about their shipmates. We rounded out the afternoon with rotational tacks. Each watch rotates through the respective tacking stations positions to gain insight into what everyone does when tacking the ship. After a delicious dinner from Marcus, the wind unfortunately dropped, and as I write we are motorsailing towards Broughton Island. Overnight the Youth Crew will keep watches and complete a teamwork called the 'bearex'...always a challenge. That's enough from watch have added some insight below so until tomorrow...fair winds...Captain Kenny - Ahoy from the deep blue, landlovers... STS Young Endeavour arose today anchored at South West Rocks. The scenery was beautiful and the feeling of being back on land buoyed all of our moods. We caught the seaboat to a secluded part of a beach, played some games, and generally enjoyed the balmy Spring sun. We got to know some of our fellow sailors in training a bit better. When back on board, Marcus and Jerome(our chef and navigator) had cooked up a mean BBQ for us all to enjoy, before we set sail once again en route South. This involved some more setting, furling and tacking – and for some, more time in the sun to brown up (or in some of our cases, start to resemble something like a glazed red capsicum). Soon our watch (Blueys) will be climbing aloft to soak up the last rays of sunshine for the day, and releasing the gaskets for our square sails. Now a few days in to our voyage, we are used to the rock and roll of the ship (although not the classic rock tunes used to wake us up ridiculously early). With the seasickness behind us, everyone is beginning to really enjoy being at sea. From where you’d rather be, Lucas and Madi
I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand