Voyage name: 
V11/19 Gladstone to Brisbane
09 Jul - 19 Jul 2019
23 35.3 S
152 22.4 E
Wind: 015/10kts. Sea: 0.5m. Swell: 020/0.2m.Temp: 20.
After a long night of anchor watches, the youthies woke to the pleasant aroma of Marcus and the master-chef assistants cooking up a beast of a BBQ breaky. Morning brief (which was not so brief) was as entertaining as ever. Salty kept us all amused with tales of the nautical origin of various expressions. We all met Nana, a confronting old woman with a lovely frock that shared an uncanny resemblance to our very own engineer Reggie. Nana unfortunately was very upset with the youthies complete lack of ability to keep their cabins clean. Cough cough...Jack! Before departing our lovely ship, Nana taught us the songs of her youth along with some killer dance moves. After morning brief and a smallish break, Harry our Nav specialist showed us the tricks of the trade for navigating our way across the vast seven seas. Harry taught his lesson to an attentive group of youthies that listened to EVERY word spoken. After Harry’s lesson, Ivanka opened the ‘pool’ and the youthies were all too happy to jump in. The sea felt a folly of belly flops, canon balls, flips and many other hilarious never before seen landings. After that refreshing dip in the ‘pool’, round two of ropies began. Competitive rivalries ran hot, with blood boiling. Coming in first, white watch, second red watch and lastly, blue watch. The ropies were finished with freezing jaws and watering eyes as all three watches participated in the zooper dooper speed eating race bonus round. Another delicious lunch followed to ease our frozen jaws, courtesy of Marcus and our masterchefs. The next lesson of the day was by Captain Charlie himself. He explained the ins and outs of sail theory, dumbed down for the youthies. We then wayed away and set sail to our next destination. Watch leaders then lead the youthies through an afternoon of setting and furling sails. We also tacked the ship successfully despite the wind only picking up a breeze. As usual red watch’s performance was the clear stand out. We wrapped up the day with a superb dinner (Salmon and pasta...yum!). More long night watches tonight. The youthies will begin putting into practice navigating skills and techniques whilst also manning the helm and lookouts. No doubt youthies will likely be getting that precious sleep where they can. Bring on day 5!// Shout out to all the fam back home. Miss you guys heaps. xx Jaz (P.s haven’t been sick once mum or fallen overboard) Seth wanted to write something but was too emotional to know what to say. – (crying inside) By Jaz and Seth  
"Whether you think you can or you think you can't... You're right!" - Henry Ford