39° 28' South
147° 39' East

Weather: fine, Wind: light and variable, Swell: nil, Temp: 17 deg. C

Ahoy there Shipmates,

At 0600, as the Ship approached Refuge Cove, those Staffies not already on watch, were woken. We anchored the Ship in the northern half of the cove at 0650 and the remainder of the youth crew, not on watch, were woken by the usual Wakey Wakey Song from Red Watch at 0700. On completion of breakfast and a short morning brief the youthies were ferried ashore in the Ship’s RHIB for some beach games conducted by Supernumerary Michael Clout.

The last boat returned to the Ship at 1115 and after another of Aaron’s delicious lunches the staffies weighed anchor and we commenced our passage to Deal Island. In transit we held the first edition of Rope Races, which was followed by part 1 of my Sail Theory presentation. As we cleared the lee of Wilsons Promontory the swell picked-up to 2.0 metres and the wind to 25 knots, both on our starboard quarter. We set a full press of sail and this helped improve the Ship’s stability in these conditions, but despite that a number of the youth crew went down with the dreaded ‘mal-de-mer’.

We altered course to starboard at 1800 to enter Murray Passage which divides the Kent Group of islands, anchoring in East Cove on Deal Island at 1900. We ran a quick Fire Exercise, mainly to highlight to the youth crew the need to account for personnel quickly in an emergency. Their response was pleasingly quick. That was followed by edition two of Rope Races.

The intention is to remain at anchor here overnight and proceed ashore in the morning to get some exercise and see some of the sights, before weighing anchor and heading for Flinders Island.

Yours, aye

Captain Mike