Voyage name: 
V04/20 Adelaide to Melbourne
13 Feb - 23 Feb 2020
37 10 .9 S
139 28.7 E
Currently located 16nm to the SE of Robe and experiencing light-moderate SSE winds with a 1m SE swell and the temperature is 17 degrees but feels colder.
Hi Everyone, Welcome to Day 4 of our voyage. It’s been an action packed day with plenty of activities and the weather gods have now smiled upon us with some favorable winds and calmer seas which has lifted the spirits of all onboard. That’s enough from me I will now handover to Jet, Claudia and Annie to tell you all about our day. Until tomorrow, take care. Captain Gav The day started early for some youthies when they had to carry out anchor watches. Thankfully, these watches were only an hour long instead of the treacherous four hour watches while we are at sea. During the anchor watches, the youth were grouped with people they haven’t met yet on the voyage and tasked with not only looking after the ship but to get to know the people they were with for the anchor watch. 0630 was the wakeup call for all of the youth, starting up the day with a most delicious BBQ breakfast of bacon and eggs at middeck. Team building activities followed after breakfast for the youthies while they patiently and excitedly waited for our trip to Robe. Once we got all the youth crew over to Robe the first thing some of them did was hug a tree, then all of us played a game of doge ball together as a fun activity to do on shore as a whole crew. After that we let the youth responsibly go off and explore the wonderful town of Robe for themselves, with most grabbing a milkshake or ice coffee as there first drink back on land. The youthies then all headed back onto the ship before lunch so we didn’t miss Keely’s amazing duck, beef brisket and gourmet salads. We decided to give the youth some free time to wash clothes and connect more with their anchor watch team, before they had to do the 3 way conversation activity and learn the art of sea navigation. The 3 way conversation activity had the task of each youth impersonating someone else from their anchor watch group to tell the other youthies about them. Next was the navigation theory, which was explained to them by our brilliant staffy Ivanka, the youth did get confused about the overload of the navigation theory but fear not they are still keen as beans and still want to be shown how it works. After we learnt about navigation we set sail showing off our new skills to the locals of Robe doing rotational tacking drills. This gave the youthies the opportunity to understand all the different roles on the ship, thus highlighting the importance of teamwork when sailing the STS Young Endeavour. Next we proceeded with happy hour, which is when the ship conducts an hour of cleaning to ensure everything is fresh and hygienic. This was especially important considering the amount of seasickness in the last two days. After an hour of relaxation dinner was served consisting of pork belly and lamb back straps along with a magnitude of vegetables. As we sail throughout the night, the youthies continue to develop their skills while on watch, which is crucial with command day quickly approaching. Peace out dudes, Jet, Claudia, Annie
Do not pray for easy times; pray to be stronger. Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers; pray for powers equal to your tasks. John F. Kennedy