Voyage name: 
V15/16 Darwin (NT) to Darwin (NT)
05 Sep - 15 Sep 2016
13 33.4 S
127 57.0 E

Wind - SW 8 Kn, Weather - fine and humid, Swell - nil, Temperature - 25 deg C

G’day Shipmates,


Welcome to day 3 of our adventure under sail. The ship continued motor-sailing south-west overnight along the NT then WA coast. Unfortunately the wind remained light and variable overnight and the swell was negligible. The Youth Crew had their first experiences of performing the duties of helmsman and lookout as well as doing hourly safety rounds of the Ship.


The usual at-sea Wakey-Wakey call was made at 0700 and Kyle played another of his favourite tunes over the broadcast to wake the crew from their slumber. That was followed by breakfast and then Morning Brief, at which Salty explained the origin of the nautical term ‘heads’ (ships’ toilets). We also had our first visit from ‘Nana’ whose job it is to teach the Youth Crew to clean up after themselves and keep their accommodation areas tidy. Happy Hour followed and then James gave a brief on Navigation.


After lunch we gave the crew some down time for an hour. At 1330 the Youth Crew experienced the first round of ‘Rope Races’ a competitive / non-competitive activity between the watches to help them consolidate their ship knowledge. The Ship was sent to Tacking Stations at 1400 to conduct ‘Rotational Tacks’ when the Youth Crew rotate through the other watches’ positions to experience what they do when the Ship Tacks. This is aimed at preparing them for Command Day when they will reorganise themselves into new watches.


At 1500 we stopped the Ship for 45 minutes and allowed everyone to have a swim over the side. The water was warm but certainly refreshing. We resumed our passage to King George River at 1600.


It is intended to anchor in the entrance to the river tomorrow morning and spend the day and tomorrow night there exploring and enjoying the breath-taking scenery.


Until tomorrow.


Yours Aye

Captain Mike