20° 12' South
149° 7' East

Wind: 150 @ 6. Temp: 22. Swell: Nil. Weather: Lovely. Sky: Sparkly. Feeling: Fresh.

Well, our first night at sea was a little lumpy. Not gonna lie, there was some feeding of the fish. Having conducted a tack at midnight (yes, everyone was required) we continued to make tracks south, to the east of Hook Island. Destination: Whitehaven Beach.

Sandy woke us all up at 0700 to a lovely tune (?) and the smell of freshly baked bread wafted throughout the ship. White watch had been climbing the foremast to observe the sunrise (albeit obscured by overcast skies). Blue watch jumped out of bed for breakie, as they would relieve White watch at 0745. Red watch had a lazy lie in - they had the guts watch (0001-0400). Aaron spoiled us again with a sumptuous breakfast with all the trimmings.

Morning brief was at 0900 and Sandy told us of his plan for the day. The Saltress explained the origins of the word ‘Hijack’ and Dion delighted with some Navigational delicacies (where we’ve been and where we’re going, etc). Happy Hour was next followed by the first instalment of Rope Races – a semi-competitive battle between the watches, to prove who knows the ship better. When no-one knows the whereabouts of a particular part of ship, we have a ‘fruit off’! Jessica (White watch) took out the first ‘fruit off’ with an amazing come from behind victory by devouring a massive granny smith apple before the other two competitors. Blue watch considered a protest however they saw sense when they realised Lachie Day hadn’t swallowed the stalk.

Lunch was next followed by a Man Overboard exercise. We do these regularly to practice our responses and ship handling. YC did well handing in all sail while I manoeuvred the ship to a position adjacent the ‘man’ (read life ring). Our Recovery Swimmer, Paige then jumped into action to make the rescue. YC were manning the Recovery Line which was heaved in, to raise Paige out of the water and back onboard. Deemed a success we continued on to our anchorage off Whitehaven Beach. Recovery Swimmer then turned Boat Coxswain as Paige ferried everyone ashore for a bit of a leg stretch and swim.

Whilst ashore YC went for a bush walk, swam and generally relaxed on the one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It was difficult to get them back on board but we did it. Yes, they must have smelled the food, as they all came back and devoured dinner. Aaron and his team of Masterchefs (Mainey, Duncs and Lachie) had whipped up a marvellous feast including a beef vindaloo the gods would have gone seconds on.

Then we got underway and proceeded to the north east to continue consolidating sail handling and ‘Watch on Deck’ skills, remaining at sea overnight (Watch on Deck is lookout and helm duties, as well as meteorological and engineering rounds).

Tomorrow our plan is to visit another one of these beautiful 74 islands of the Whitsunday archipelago. The difficult part is to choose one! (maybe we\\'ll do 2!!)

Yours Aye,

Captain Adam

Quote of the day - "20 years from now you\\'ll be more disappointed by the things that you didn\\'t do, than by the things you did. So, cast off all lines, sail away from the safe harbour and catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, dream, discover." - Mark Twain