29° 14' South
149° 52' East
Scattered Cloud, Wind NE 15 knots, Swell SE 2 metres, Temp 24 degrees, Barometer 1020 hpa
Ahoy there everyone,
Welcome to day two of the voyage. Following a well deserved and much needed good night's rest the Youth Crew awoke at 0630 to a wonderful Mackay morning and a cheerful tune from Sail Master Kenny ���It's a beautiful day' performed by the band U2. After our Early Morning Activity and breakfast Youth Crew were mustered on the starboard side of the bridge and introduced to the ceremony of colours (raising the national flag and singing the anthem) and the morning (not so) brief, after which it was straight into cleaning stations (this activity is known as the ships ���Happy Hour' with its own special song).

Once Sail Master Kenny was satisfied that the ships had received her daily cleanse the Youth Crew were addressed by ���Captain Safety' alias White Watch Leader Tug, who gave a very comprehensive safety equipment presentation and demonstration ensuring the no matter what the situation the Youth Crew should find themselves in, that they would have the knowledge to overcome any adversity at sea.

The ship cast off all lines at 1050 and departed Mackay Marina, waving to well wishers as we negotiated the channel and proceeded to sea. Once safely clear of the channel and under the guidance of their watch leaders, the Youth Crew spent the remainder of the day conducting line handling and deck safety, gaining the foundation skills required to work the sails safely during their adventure at sea. Even with the wind freshening and a two metre sea the majority of the Youth Crew showed remarkable resilience and determination in the prevailing conditions.

By the early evening the Youth Crew had managed to set and furl most sails and complete their first set of tacks as a crew (turning the ship through the wind). This is an essential teamwork activity and every member of the team has a critical role to play. This set of tacks concluded the formal activities for the day with the Youth Crew having just completed a magnificent dinner from Chef Snowy are now settling into their first night watches discussing the numerous whales they had closely observed during the day, either breaching or in company with calves, in conjunction with learning to helm the ship and conduct engineering rounds (checks of the engine room).

Young Endeavour is currently motor sailing along handsomely at four knots under fore and aft sails, making ground to the South East on a close reach port tack, looking as majestic and magnificent as only this ship can, with the intention of continuing our passage overnight at sea.

Until tomorrow evening, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Damien