Voyage name: 
V11/19 Gladstone to Brisbane
09 Jul - 19 Jul 2019
23 46.1 S
151 51.1 E
Wind: NNW @ 10 kts. Swell: Nil. Weather: Overcast. Temp: 19.
Ahoy there, dear readers. The morning of day 2 found us soundly anchored in the lovely and sheltered Quoin anchorage inside Port Curtis. T’was a super busy day, for our youthful mariners, with a few more briefings, cleaning stations and Blue watch completing their first climb of the foremast. Our resident safety and survival at sea expert, Karly gave a very thorough safety equipment lecture/demonstration and after lunch, Harry the Navigator skilfully piloted us out of Port Curtis and into Coral Coast Sea Country. Intention is to remain at sea overnight and assess conditions in the morning, before settling on an island destination for tomorrow… mystery island anyone? I’ll hand over now to Jack and Kirsten for a recount of the day from the Youth Crew perspective: "Early wake up for all this morning courtesy of the lovely Ivanka followed by a beautiful display of PJ’s on deck for a morning stroll. Post fashion show we all met at the midships for a debrief on safety, and plans for day two. A delicious aussie brekky of bacon and eggs awaited us this morning with all Staffees and Youthies digging in like no tomorrow. Cheers Marcus! At the morning brief we discussed the weather with Harry and got to meet the infamous Salty. Can’t reveal too much or we’ll be letting the cat out of the bag. Blue watch, best watch then had the privilege of a morning climb while Red and White finished off with their safety talks and the full value contract. With time moving quickly, Marcus had whipped up another ripper feast for hungry seafarers. Anchors up and farewell to Gladstone as the wind picked up and waves got bigger… (bets placed on who would be sick first) Back into action as the watches split up to refine our sail management and sailing techniques. As evening drew near, the crew performed their first tacks with only one major domino collapse. Anticipation grew as we found out we’d be sailing through the night but our watches were not yet revealed. To cap off the day, the YE took its first victim (sea sickness), with more likely sufferers yet to come tonight. Red taking first watch, followed by White for the guts and Blue for the morning." By Jack and Kirsten
Notice the stiffest tree is the most easily cracked… while the bamboo survives by bending with the wind - Bruce Lee