Voyage name: 
V03/19 Sydney to Hobart
01 Feb - 07 Feb 2019
36 25s
150 38e
Wind: NNE at 14kts Weather: Fine Swell: NE at 1.0m Course: 200 Speed: 7kts
Ahoy shipmates...well I am pleased to report that a change in the weather (northerlies) has led to more comfortable conditions, and a far healthier and happier crew (staff and youthies alike). As I write we are about 25 miles east of Montague Island making good ground towards our first destination of Wineglass Bay under a full press of square sails. I must be getting soft...I let the sailmaster talk me into letting everyone have a sleep in (if not on watch) after a restless night. I will let reddies fill you in on todays events but before I go here are the staff crew for this voyage...Captain - Kenny, Sailmaster - Tug, Navigator - Harry, Watch Officer - Tracey, White Watch Leader - Horto, Red Watch Leader - Blake, Blue Watch Leader - Karly, Chef - Jenko, Engineer - Brett, Seariders - Tom and Ben. That's it for now...fair winds...Captain Kenny 03/19 Day 2 Day two began even before the morning broke with watches overnight. Rough weather had most crew members feeling under the weather and tasting dinner twice. The overcast weather wasn’t doing a great deal to lift everyone’s spirits, and many people were in need of an extra rest to make up for lost sleep overnight. Lucky, the extra sleep brought everyone above deck much more bright eyed and bushy tailed. We had a late morning brief to assess the day and weather conditions ahead, which would eventually be conducive to some great sailing under our square sails. To get back into the swing of things we returned to our tacking stations to test our knowledge from prior voyages. We successfully tacked (turned) the ship twice, but then were aptly told that ‘we’re going the wrong way!’, and had to tack the ship once again. This certainly refreshed our memories and skills from voyages past. Jenko (the chef) lived up to the very high food expectations of the returnees on board, even having not been on board cooking since December 2016. Many of us were in a much better condition this evening to enjoy the amazing meal that was served to us, and also keep it down. Whilst we (Red Watch) are getting ready to hand over to the next watch at 2000, we are enjoying the late afternoon sunshine and northerly winds. We have an early bed tonight to be back up on watch at 0400, hopefully for a wonderful sunrise climb up the foremast. We are all excited to be crossing the Bass Strait in the coming days and hope the weather stays behind our sails. Louise, Mel, Paddy, Ree, Neo, Mickey, Ro, Clyde Sea sickness definitely caught up with me this voyage, however all back to full health. The fresh air and blue waters are definitely good for the soul. All is going really well! Hope you’re not missing me too much, already. – Mel (Red watch)
The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist expects the wind to change, the realist adjusts the sails.