Voyage name: 
V16/18 Airlie Beach to Gladstone
10 Sep - 20 Sep 2018
19 48 S
148 56 E
Wind: 115 @ 20 knots Weather: Fine Swell: 110 @ 0.5m
The morning of day 2 found us snugly secured alongside Abell Point Marina, Airlie Beach. It was a lovely, still morning and the sun was just peeking over the hill when Tug woke us all with a bit of classic ABBA blaring through the ships broadcast system. He bade us to come up on deck for a rousing early morning activity - We obliged, shook off our slumber and prepared for a massive day ahead. But first; scrambled eggs, bacon, croissants and avocado… Great spread, Zac (Note to self: Eat less – Move more!) At 0800 we conducted the time honoured, naval tradition of Colours, whereby, the RAN ensign (AWE) and our national flag (ANF) are hoisted for the day. During the hoisting, a moving rendition of our national anthem was sung with great gusto. Then it was time for our first morning brief. Tug told us the plan of the day, Zac rapped about sea sickness, rehydration and avoiding sun burn, then Jerome the Nav spoke briefly on the weather and our navigation plan for the voyage. Horto spoke of engineering and plumbing concerns and encouraged everyone to conserve our fresh water supply with 90 second showers! I tried to encourage everyone generally, with my quote of the day (see below). Guv, our resident safety and survival equipment expert gave the Youthie’s a safety equipment extravaganza, detailing all things safety related to ensure our new shipmates know what to do in case of emergency. As Guv finished, the ship was readied for departure and at 1100 the ship departed our berth and proceeded to sea. Lunch happened next (very nice, thank you) and then each watch leader took their watches for sail set and furl drills. After several hours of drilling and once each watch felt comfortable with the; fore, main and topgallant staysails, Tug gave a main brief, before the main was set… and then the jib too. With a lovely sail plan and some good breeze, we thought tacking drills were in order - to ensure the youth crew knew what to do when required to alter course - and let’s face it, ladies and gentlemen, that will be happening quite a lot during this voyage, as we avoid the Great Barrier Reef and her sharp, prickly bits. Whew! What a busy day. Our little seafarers are well pooped now and unfortunately, some are a little green, as the wind has created a somewhat lumpy old sea. Sadly, Zac’s grilled chicken with mushroom sauce and his hot dogs were not very popular tonight. So I did my best, dear reader, not to waste too much. Alas, I had more than I should have… but I did it for the team! So now, as watches take control of the decks overnight and learn standard seaman duties like helmsmanship, engineering rounds, lookout duties and consolidate climbing and sail handling skills, I must bid you all adieu. Until tomorrow+ Yours Aye, Captain Adam
Notice the stiffest tree is the most easiliy cracked... while the bamboo survives by bending with the wind.