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Ahoy there again from youth crew Captain Liz,

This morning our last few hours of command day involved wearing the ship a total of three times in order to meet our final waypoints. The entire youth crew were woken up to help out and despite how exhausted everyone was they did their work with great enthusiasm. Thanks to the efforts of the whole team, we arrived at our final waypoint right on time. Overall we were able to achieve 6 out of the 8 waypoints so as a crew we were very happy to receive 160 of the possible 200 points. With the help of the staff crew we sailed through the heads of Sydney Harbour, which all of us agreed was a very exciting and unique experience. To conclude our command day we conducted a morning brief from the bridge of the ship, and made the official handover back to Captain Mike. All of the youth crew have faced a lot of challenges in the past 24 hours but can now proudly say that we had command of the tall ship Young Endeavour.

On behalf of the entire youth crew I would like to thank the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme and all of the staff who have made our journey possible. It is an adventure we will never forget!

Yours aye, Captain Liz


Ahoy there shipmates,

It’s me back, after a bit of a holiday with my crew! I took the Ship back from Capt Liz at 0900 as we approached the Sydney Heads. It was in the same shape as when I handed it over to Liz. They had sailed for 16 hrs, covered 41 miles, achieved 6 Waypoints of Glory and had a lot of fun in the process.

With Phoebe at the helm we entered the harbour and proceeded to our berth at Fleet Base East (FBE) to clear Customs and Quarantine, berthing at 1000. Having had to land all our fresh veges and fruit, chicken, including eggs into Quarantine bins, we embarked some local replacements and then proceeded to anchor in Watsons Bay. On arrival we debriefed the Command Day task achievement and the lessons that had been learned from the experience. The seaboat was then launched and we ferried the youthies ashore so they could stretch their legs, play some games and have a swim if they desired. On return Haydo and I had prepared a ‘teak deck’ BBQ and we all enjoyed the harbour views as we ate dinner and chatted about the day’s successes.

At 2000 we kicked-off SOD’s Opera or Ship’s concert. The show was opened by the Staffies’ ‘The Journey’ and then each watch contributed an act as well as a few people doing solo acts. The final act was the staffies’ ‘Ugly Bird’ act. On completion everyone moved into the café and watched the movie ‘Round Cape Horne’ about Captain Irving Johnson and his adventures in the tall ship the ‘Peking’.

The youth crew kept anchor watches overnight to ensure the Ship remained safe.

Yours Aye

Captain Mike