20° 19' South
148° 57' East

Weather: overcast with passing showers, Wind: 120 / 7 kts, Temp: 24 deg. C, Swell: nil

Ahoy there Shipmates,

This morning Dougie woke the Youth Crew at 0630 and roused them up and onto the deck for a quick brief on what we had planned for the day.

The Ship weighed anchor and departed South Molle Island under engines. Once in open water the youthies set all 3 square sails, we shut down the engines and sailed in a northerly direction down wind for an hour enjoying the moment. We then clewed-up and sea-furled the squares and motored up wind to our planned anchorage off Fitzalan Island.

After lunch we had the daily brief followed by a thorough set of cleaning stations. The youthies then split into their watches and conducted their end-of-voyage chats with their Watch Leaders. The Ship came to anchor off Fitzalan Island at 1430 and on completion the youthies proceeded aloft to put a final harbour furl in the square sails in preparation for coming alongside tomorrow.

Tonight’s activities included an amazing Pizza dinner followed by a slide show and a poem of the trip and some post voyage admin which carried on late into the night for the staffies.

Yours, aye