Voyage name: 
25 Jan - 05 Feb 16
34 50 S
138 30 E

Currently alongside in Port Adelaide and experiencing moderate to strong SSE winds with nil swell. The current temperature is 20 degrees

Command Day is now complete and we have headed into Port Adelaide for the night due to the strong winds and lack of a sheltered anchorage in these strong conditions. We will sail again tomorrow morning and conduct a Half Day sail for a community group from Port Adelaide which our Youth Crew will host and I am sure will thoroughly enjoy.

Hi Everyone, Welcome to day 10 of our voyage. As advised in last nights Log one of the many tasks for our Youth Crew during their 24hr Command Day was to write last nights and tonight’s Captains Log so please enjoy tonight’s edition written by Youth Crew Captain Richard. Until tomorrow, take care Yours Aye Captain Gav CAPTAIN’S LOG – 03 FEB 16 Ahoy There, This is your ‘ex-captain speaking’ At 1300 on the second of February the youth crew took over the ship for twenty four hours. During this period, all of the youth crew took over various roles, which are vital to the running of the ship. We were given the instructions to sail the ship from our anchorage at Kangaroo Island to our final destination in the port of Adelaide. During this transit, we had to go though a series of waypoints, making our night just that little bit more tricky, the changes in direction, which had to occur to reach our waypoints involved a few Gybes keeping the crew on their toes for most of the night (I am really sorry). The wind conditions where challenging with gusts of over thirty knots. These changing conditions meant that our sails had to be frequently changed, which meant lots of trips up the masts. With the wind direction, and strength being favourable we generated a cracking pace, which resulted in the staffies to extend our trip as we weren’t allowed to anchor till late in the morning. However, the deck wasn’t the only busy place on the ship; our galley also recruited three new master chefs, who provide many great meals throughout the twenty four hour period. The meals also included snacks, such as, freshly baked cookies brought up on deck, as well as coffees and teas whenever the crew needed them. The chefs brought a smile to every crew member as they battled the cold and rain through the night. We arrived off Adelaide at about four in the morning, but still had to continue to sail around outside of the harbour waiting for morning. Whilst we had arrived early, there was still work to be done. Also given to us with our instructions to sail to Adelaide was a list of tasks that we needed to complete. Tasks such as, getting all the youth crew aloft on the main mast, setting up a disco in the staffies mess, and making a poster of memorable moments of our voyage where given. These tasks, were all passed, and provided lots of joy to all of the youth crew who all got involved. This afternoon, after handing back the ship to Captain Gav, the youth crew finished command day with a facilitated debrief, and it was pretty safe to say that Command Day was a success. Regards, Richard Thomas Shout outs! Mum, Dad, Dim and Cameron – Stay Deadly, love your favourite daughter Kaity! Mum, Dad, and Nikita miss you heaps Richard!!