Voyage name: 
V02/19 Melbourne to Sydney
17 Jan - 27 Jan 2019
37 51s
144 55e
Wind: NW at 8 knots Weather: Overcast Temperature: 32 C Location: At anchor Hobsons Bay
Ahoy Shipmates...It's good to be back. A big thanks to Captain Gav for taking over for Voyage 01/19, but now I'm back and looking forward very much to the year ahead, but more importantly, Voyage 02/19. We have been alongside in Williamstown, Melbourne for a few days now and can I's been warm. We need to get back to sea and feel the wind across the deck. Fortunately the opportunity is at hand. This afternoon at 1500 we embarked 21 young adventurers for our trip from Melbourne to Sydney. As their family and friends had a look around the ship, the Youth Crew of Voyage 02/19 stowed their bags and took in their surroundings...home for the next 11 days. Once everyone was back up on deck I conducted the formal welcome and introduction of the Staff Crew for this Voyage...they are as follows...Captain - Kenny, Sailmaster - Guv, Navigator - Daz from Tas, Watch Officer - Ian, White Watch Leader - Blake, White Watch Assistant - Tracey, Red Watch Leader - Ivanka, Blue Watch Leader - Jerome, Engineer - Brett, and Chef - Zac. After the official proceedings were complete, our guests disembarked and we departed the wharf for a quick hop over to our anchorage in Hobsons Bay, affording us a magnificent view of the Melbourne Skyline...should be a cool view tonight when the Youth Crew are aloft for the first time. Once at anchor each watch conducted ice breakers, detailed ships tours and were fed extremely well by went hungry I can assure you! With full bellies Sailmaster Guv and I gave our respective briefs (good cop bad cop...or is it the other way around?) where we encourage the Youth Crew to embrace every opportunity afforded them...Carpe Diem! As I write Guv is giving the harness and safety aloft briefs and very shortly we will test the Youth Crew's climbing ability by sending them all (hopefully) to the top of the foremast, always fun and the view will be speccy! Tomorrow we will make our way south down Port Phillip Bay to the open ocean. The forecast is for strengthening SW winds...let's go sailing! That's it for now so until tomorrow...fair winds...Captain Kenny
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