41° 11' South
146° 21' East
2300 Alongside - Weather Overcast, Swell Nil, Wind NE 10 knots, Temperature 15 degrees, Barometer 1018 kpa
Ahoy there everyone,
Welcome to Young Endeavour's 21ST voyage for 2010. Our journey starts in Devonport and will conclude 520 nautical miles later in Sydney. We have a magnificent tall ship, forecast wind for our sails and the south east coast to explore. The potential is limitless and sense of adventure is infectious.

To facilitate our adventure under sail, it is an honour to introduce the 12 Royal Australian Staff Crew that will guide and shape our voyage during the next 11 days:

Captain Damien
Sail Master Kenny
Navigator Joel
Watch Officer Jordo
White Watch Leader Taffy
Assistant White Watch Leader Leon
Blue Watch Leader Adrian
Assistant Blue Watch Leader Kim
Red Watch Leader Carly
Chef Snowy
Engineer Josh

Voyage 21/10 officially commenced at 1500 today when 24 Youth Crew (12 females and 12 males) from across Australia embarked in Young Endeavour berthed at 3 West Devonport Harbour. Once all possessions had been stowed, all hands were mustered on deck for a welcome address, staff introductions were conducted before friends and family were farewelled.

After safety briefs had been conducted the Youth Crew under the direction of their watch leaders, conducted ship familiarisation and a number of ���ice breaker' activities to integrate the members of each watch.

With these activities completed the first of many very tasty meals crafted by ���master chef' Snowy was devoured. After dinner both the Sail Master Kenny and I discussed with the Youth Crew, expectations, requirements and safety aspects for the next 11 days onboard. Then without further ado, some nerves, a few ���jelly like�� legs, a great deal of courage and a lot of determination every single member of our new team proceeded aloft onto the foremast for their first night climb. The surrounding view of Devonport from the topgallant yard was inspiring.

I am very pleased to report that all of the Youth Crew performed extremely well on their first day and I am from the outset impressed with both their individual efforts and team attitude. After having a celebratory hot chocolate or pumpkin soup followed by a 90 second shower, each has now turned in for a well deserved first night sleep in their new home, Young Endeavour.

Tomorrow morning we will awake at 0630 and continue preparations for our 1100 departure before entering Bass Strait and shaping a course to the north east, commencing our passage to Sydney. It has the makings of a fantastic voyage on this magnificent tall ship and all the crew are incredibly excited at the prospects.

Until tomorrow evening, take care.

Yours aye

Captain Damien