Voyage name: 
V 06/17
14 - 24 March
36 55.5' S
149 57.0' E
Wind: NE at 8 Kn; Weather: cloudy with passing light showers, Swell : from NE 0.5 m, Temp: 24 deg. C
We anchored in Meribula Bay at first light, handed command to the Youth Crew at 1300 and sailed out of the bay at 1830.
Ahoy there everyone.
The ship anchored in Merimbula Bay at 0630 and then made final preps before I handed the ship over to Youth Crew Captain 'Flick' at 1300.
I now hand the microphone over to Captain Flick who has the Command Day narrative for you, until I take the ship back from her tomorrow afternoon.
Yours Aye, Captain Mike

A’hoy there!

This is Youthie Captain Flick.

I would like to inform you all that the Captain and crew have gone on holiday and the Youthies have now taken command of the fine vessel that is the Young Endeavour. The running of the ship for the next 24 hours will be performed completely by the youth crew of voyage 6 of 2017. After a fun filled morning, which included happy hour and jumping into the water from the rope swing, captain and crew handed over the ship and let us take the helm of this vessel.
Our command day started with a cryptic poem. Once solved, Our first challenge was to send eight people to Merimbula bay jetty in a boat with nothing but paddles to collect the rest of our tasks.
The tasks included “sail the ship from its current position (Merimbula bay) to the destination as detailed (Eden) in the given navigation instructions” and a colourful list of challenges which also have to be achieved along the way. The tasks are composed of the many things our watch leaders have taught us over the past week and now it is up to us as a youth crew to put together all our strengths and successfully sail this ship to our final destination.
So far we have achieved; the entire youth crew climbing aloft for a photo on the foremast, the building of a hammock that held all of us (without breaking!). And our three nominated youthie chefs (Cody, Shay and Harli) have provided us with a beautiful dinner to help us last the night at sea.
With full bellys and high spirits we set out to sea for the night and hope to arrive in Eden by morning. As we write this, the sails are being set and the engines turned off, and we are sailing!

‘Till Tomorrow,

Captain Flick