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CO's Log Wednesday 22 Aug 2001

Current situation at 1800: At anchor at Esperance Harbour. Wind nor'easterly at 10 knots. Temp - a balmy 17C.
For the Command Day the YC got wind from every quarter making their task difficult. Still, they remained focussed and with only a few tacks overnight they sailed the ship to an anchorage in plain view of the township. The Beach Assault Team hit the beach but they couldn't get anyone to sing the National Anthem with them. Perhaps as a result of their crazy attire - I don't know.

The weather today is perfect. We discussed the Command Day today and hopefully the YC will be able to apply some of the things learned from their experience onboard in their lives. After lunch it was aloft again to harbour furl the squares and then ashore to the beach and shops for only the second time this Voyage. We've spent a lot of time at sea and fortunately the weather has been kind to us for most of the voyage. Tonight: the concert and their last night onboard. Tomorrow they will man the yards for our entry to Esperance.

Youth Crew entry by Kim Fletcher, 22 from Gresford NSW.
Hi again, It is my last night on the Young Endeavour and I am still having the time of my life. We, the Youth Crew, managed to safely sail the Young Endeavour to Esperance during our 24 hours of command. However everything did not go as smoothly as hoped, there was not enough wind for us to maintain a good speed and somehow we (someone) managed to turn the Young Endeavour so we were heading back the way we had come. But four hours later we were back on track. As a result we did not get much sleep. It is going to be sad to leave the Young Endeavour and all the great people I have met on board. All the staff and crew have been FANTASTIC and the food has been great. I have to congratulate them all on a fantastic voyage.