Voyage name: 
14 May - 24 May
Currently at anchor in Horseshoe Bay and experiencing 10-15kt E/SE winds with nil swell.

Hi Everyone,


                   Please find attached Day 2 of the Captains Log from Captain Anthony and with this a seperate log entry from some of his wonderful crew.


Until tomorrow, take care.


Yours Aye


Captain Gav


                                 Captains Log Day 2


The success of the sailing challenge occurred early of the morning of the 9th day was a great reflection of the hard work and team spirit shown by the whole youth crew. Once the sailing challenge was achieved, we set a course for anchor back in Horse Shoe Bay, Magnetic Island. Once the sails were furled and the ship anchored, the preparation of the last few tasks went to plan. The rope swing was utilised as a part of command day and we finished with taking a photo of all 25 youth crew aloft the fore mast. Overall the command day was very challenging, and the whole team was required to complete the tasks while always remembering to have a great time. Command day brought about many new challenges which tested leadership and teamwork and we can take a lot out of the whole experience.

Signing off,

Captain Anthony

For the past 8 days all 35 crew and staffies have experienced 90 second showers, the wrath of the sun, the absence of personal space, the burn of salt in our eyes, the taste of home cooked meals, the sound of personal life stories, the variety of individuality, the art of team work, the beauty of the Queensland coast, the interference of rain, the absence of the outside world, the beauty of zero external distractions, the incredible feeling of obtaining sea legs, the soothing rock of the ship in a large swell, the gentle thumps of waves hitting the bow, the splendour of frolicking dolphins beneath the bow sprit, the untouched nature of the Great Barrier Reef, isolated beaches and wilderness, leaping into a new perspective and pristine clear water, the intracity of sailing, the calls’ of hauling sheets, the confusion of many ropes, the efficient use of 24 hours – without sleep, playing Harry high pants, concurring fears of heights, raising the bar, self actualisation, self realisation, the smell of the twelve berth, the sharing of body heat, having fun in happy hour, needing Nanna’s assistance, navigation complexity, learning the ropes, sailing around in circles, learning Salty the seadogs lingo, the moral boost of superb vocals, the adaptation of change, taking over the ship, the bonds of each watch, exploration of the wheel of truth, taking the helm, and of course the serenity – ahh the serenity.

Most of all, this experience has given us the opportunity to create new eternal friendships between strangers we didn’t know 2 weeks ago. This life changing experience and voyage will never be forgotten.

Casting off

Sally Collins, Freddie Bates & Anthony Price on behalf of the Youth Crew – Voyage 08/12.