Voyage name: 
21 May - 31 May

Currently alongside at Queens Wharf and experiencing moderate NW winds with nil swell

Hi Everyone,
Please find attached Part 2 of the Command Day Captains Log from Captain Kerri and her Crew, I am sure you will enjoy it.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

Day two.. and with little sleep and sugar highs we have succeeded. As take-over captain of the Young Endeavour I can assure that the pirate youth crew have arrived in the Newcastle port safely and ferried staff without causing any headaches. We were put to the task of taking over a tall ship worth more than 20 million dollars. Our leadership group consisted of Captain Kerri, Call Mistress Biddy and two navigators Jess and Al. As planned the anchor was pulled from the bottom of the sea at the stroke of a new day. We powered out of Nelson Bay then set the sails. We had ultimate control and the staff took a step into the back seat, only on deck to monitor safety. Throwing our challenge to the wind, we sailed through all four waypoints. After eight days of information overloading and putting theory into practice we were able to collectively find a solution to every hurdle we encountered. We navigated our ship 33 nautical miles and determined which sails were set and furled. At one stage we hit a curly moment, attempting to steer the ship in a new direction. We had the main staysail set, cruising a steady pace, and decided to set the topgallant staysail to push us along quicker. Unfortunately this wasn't the right option and we stalled the ship. This was never factored into our sailing plans. Nevertheless more sails were set and we were back on track.
Our chefs continued to please stomachs serving hot breakfast, fish and chips for lunch and other mouth watering foods. Fortunately no-one suffered from seasickness during our challenge.
We had busy bees multi-tasking to ensure all tasks assigned were able to be completed over the 24 hours in command. A creative poem was penned overnight (below), during our morning brief we all sang the Australian anthem to the tune of 6 different songs and our quote of the day from the Captain 'many hands make light work' proved anything is possible when everyone puts in 110%.

Our pirate costumed, high spirited team finished with smiling faces and a sense of accomplishment exceeding our own expectations. Commradery was at its finest. Our sea voyage is one I'm sure will never fade from memories.

Sea Voyage Poem.

Yo ho ho and no bottle of rum.
26 kids looking for some fun.
We're on a tall ship called the Young Endeavour
To sail it to Newy, we have to be clever

We've spewed a heap and had little sleep
And done enough to earn our keep
Jordo likes to see us cry
He spews from aloft, So hydrate or die!

Penny avoided being sick
10 travel calms a day was her trick
Lucky Phil just 'loves his job'
We can understand why with this mob� bananas.

Taffy's got our love life sorted 'Ahoy there.'
'Prepare to be boarded.'
Kenny's always got the gags
Even though he's a massive dag

There's nanna with the looks
And Adam with the pictures
Gav's great quotes get us out of the ditches.

Given the Captain's Log is not all about the Captain, the youth crew have left messages.

Shout out to Jess Elias and Rutak Karunakaran. Chris

What an experience sailing a 40 ft tall ship with a bunch of youth crew that had only been boarded 9 days prior. Biddy

Tacking was good! Rohan

Teamwork was great and we have done well to stay on course and get to our destination on time and safely. Chloe

Once in a lifetime experience, enjoyed by all. Huddo

Shout out to everyone to SFX and hi sugramumma. Bronte

Shout out to my nanna and pa. Sam

Finally sailed the seven seas. Luke

Screech you are such a toughie, I love you. Love Kronk. Janah

Vomed in a bag, cooked pancakes, burnt fingers and climbed the mast. Woot. Sarah .J

Awesome one of many words to describe YE. Have learned much, had heaps of fun and met great people. Shout out to Nr,Cr and Db as well as mum and dad. YE forever. Jess. C

This is the best. Happy Birthday mum. Eloise

Happy Birthday to Eloise' mum. Dave

I love push-ups!! Hello Mummy and Daddy. P.s. I did not spew! Loving life. Paddy

Hi mum, Two thumbs up and only bruises. Milla

Hi mum, Nay, Blondie and M1st. Love you. Sarah

Hi Neaders, loving it. Reno. Renee

Was very sick but now all better. Love the zooperdoopers. Liz

Excellent command day done by all, we smashed our course and worked well together. A shout out to mum and dad. Jess

Didn't spew even when in the galley. Found a new home in the chart house. Al

Hey, yeah, going to the heads in rough weather gives a new meaning to getting it right. Matt

Hey, Awesome. Didn't even get sick, what a great time. Hamish

Having the best time ever, survived the storms and climbed to the top of the mast. Jacqui

Having a great time sailing through both calm and rough sea. Sliding around the deck as well as climbing aloft up the 34 metre mast to cast lose the gasquet. Biggest challenge of all is sleeping on the top bunk without spewing. All in all live your life to the full. Ewan