Voyage name: 
V06/19 Newcastle to Brisbane
28 Apr - 08 May 2019
27 11.6' S
153 37.7' E
Weather: fine; Wind: light and variable; Swell: easterly 1.5 m; Temp: 22 deg. C
Command Day handover was conducted whilst at anchor off Point Lookout, Nth Stradbroke Is. Weighed and proceeded at 1445 to commence at sea phase.
Ahoy there Shipmates, Today I handed Command of Young Endeavour to YC Captain Colleen. She and YC Sailmaster Will are telling you what we got up to. ----------------------------------------------- Ahoy there! This is Captain Colleen and Sailmaster Will. We have taken command of the Young Endeavour with our salt weathered; wind hardened sailing crew of Youthies. We’ve locked the Captain and his crew of staff down below, at least for the next 24 hours. Just kidding, we’re currently in the middle of Command Day where the Youthies do get to command all activities and navigation of the ship with minimal guidance from the staff. We were blessed with a late start this morning, giving us an extra hour of sleep which we will surely appreciate later on. Right after wake up call, we were called on deck for a round of deck games and a BBQ breakfast. Today’s deck games involved evolution where we start out as eggs and play rock paper scissors. If we won, we evolved to a chicken, and from a chicken to a dinosaur to a robot. And the final form of evolution, the ultimate form, a dancing Katy Perry! And, we guess we did finally answer the age old question, the egg did come before the chicken. Breakfast was a scrumptious meal of pancakes prepared by the Masterchefs Beth, Mitchell, and Tom. After breakfast we had a double happy hour in an hour! We unfortunately missed our happy hour of cleaning yesterday. But it means we had double the amount to clean today! And it’s been a bright warm sunny day, perfect weather for us do to our laundry. We really didn’t know how we could top this activity. Zac, the amazing YE chef, outdid himself in his final meal for the next 24 hours with a full spread of a BBQ lunch . We had rissoles, sausages, steak, kangaroo and even crocodile! And with our lunch finished and cleaned up, the staffies began to prepare for their 24 hour holiday. Dressed in their favourite holiday costumes, including Superwomen, a monkey mask and a Lilo and Sitch onesie, the staffies handed over our final navigation instructions, a list of tasks and a pirate’s hat. Once handover was complete, they celebrated their happy holiday by jumping overboard. Now it’s all on us! And we are heading to Tangalooma, in the North East Brisbane channel. We had quick team planning session to discuss how we are going to cross off every task in the next 24 hours. Twenty tasks we have, including making a mural of our trip, composing a song and creating a slideshow of our photos so far. We weighed anchor at 1445 (with the help of the staff crew) and were helped by the staff to get to our starting point at sea. Renee, our trusted navigator, had our plan of getting to our destination. Things started to go wrong... We mysteriously ‘ran out of fuel’, meaning we had to put our well trained sailing skills that we have gained in the last week to the test. Pumped to start, we started setting sails as a big team. Our brave duo, Eloise and Brodie, climbed up the very rocky mast to untie our topgallant sails at the top of our 30 metre mast. However, our enthusiasm wasn’t enough to set sail. We found little wind, as it feebly tried to move the sail. We had to borrow some help from the iron sails (the engines that somehow found some fuel supplies) and started hoping for some strong winds in the night. Currently, we are tracking well and have the watches planned to keep us on track overnight. While signing off on this log, we are tracking well towards our destination. Everyone is working fantastically helping each other out in need. We couldn’t have a better crew on board and we all look forward to conquering the remaining challenges tonight as we cross the water to Tangalooma – after all, we’re all in the same boat. Till next time! Colleen and Will
Lao Tzu, Ancient Chinese Philosopher: A leader is best when people barely know he exists, Not so good when people obey and aclaim him. Worse when they despise him. 'Fail to honour people and they fail to honor you. But a leader who talks little, When his work is done, his aim fulfilled, They will say, 'We did this ourselves.'