34° 57' South
150° 58' East
slow north-north-westerly winds and waves of about 0.5m.
Ahoy from Captain Lizzy!

Command day started on Tuesday night with an election to change the buckerneers into an elite command team. Decisions were made and changed as we prepared for what we knew would be a big day.

The change-over for command took place at 13:00 but the day began much earlier. At the first possible moment the team began to assemble, organise, plan & prepare; But most importatly pick the brains of the staff we were to replace. Liam, my fellow captain, and I devised a plan of attack and relayed the relevant information to the fellow command team.

Jervis Bay was the launching point for our epic journey. Were left drifting when we heard thoose 9 magic words, \you are now in control of the Young Endeavour!\" With only a few knots of wind to power the massive ship we started slowly toward the heads. It was soon apparent that our ship was gradually drifting into an impeneratable mass of land. As one of our primary aims for the voyage was not to run aground we manoved a skilful tack to turn the ship well away from land.

The navigation team were put to the test to make a new plan for how we could get through the heads with less than perfect winds. Their newly hoaned skills of 'navaguessing' got us out of the bay by 17:30. Only 4.5 short hours after we began to leave the bay. Safely out of the bay the decision to continue with engines was made, as the lack of wind prevented us from reaching our targets.

Until tomorrow...."