34° 30' South
151° 25'
At sea off Stanwell Park, near the Royal National Park, Sydney. Wind northerly, again, at 20 knots. Temp 15C and overcast.

Elections were held this morning and everyone it seems is happy with the result. Today the YC prepared for Command Day and spent time with the relevant Staff Crew member whose position they will be filling in order to drain the last few clues and handy hints from them.

The YC have taken Command of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR and at 1500 hours I handed the reins to Lee-Anne Dimmock. The ship was hove to at the start but the YC quickly set the necessary sails and started the ship moving in the right direction. Tonight the wind is forecast to blow from the direction they need travel to, but I know they can do it. I am sure they will work well as a team.

The latest weather forecast is just to hand and it seems they may be getting some varied weather, that is wind from any direction, to liven up the day. It appears that we may do a bit of tacking tonight.

Stay tuned,
Andrew Davis