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CO's LOG Wednesday 23 May 01

Current situation at 1900: Off Cape Flattery, (between Cooktown and Lizard Island) Wind: trades at 15 knots. Temp 24C.
Last night was our first one at sea this Voyage. It went well - there's been no seasickness, lots of climbing aloft and changing of sails though. Today we sailed by Cooktown and had a peek into the harbour. We thought the locals would be interested to come out and see us but they had 'Cooktown' things to do.

Two hundred and twenty-one years ago it was in this port that Captain Cook careened his vessel to repair the damage caused when he ran up onto a nearby reef (since called Endeavour Reef). He struggled into the Endeavour River after jettisoning cannons and an anchor on the reef, and spent the next 48 days at Cooktown fixing his ship, resting the sick and filling his larder. This was the first place where Englishmen spent more than a few days ashore, where the first Kangaroo was sighted and where the first true contact with the Aborigine was made. He stayed there for 48 days.

Now to the present. We will sail by Lizard Island tonight and make as much ground north as we can. There's lots of miles to go but we are fortunate to have the wind at our backs and smiles on our dials.

Youth Crew entry by Bianca Austin 23, from Sydney, and Matt Love 19, from Sydney, and Scott Ingles 18, from Maitland.
Just completing day three of our voyage, just witnessed a spectacular sunset. Last night we were on the 'guts watch' (00:00-04:00) got to climb the topsail and check out the beautiful southern sky from the edge of the yard, the view in total darkness is indescribable. Spirits are high, arms are sore, but the general feeling among the youth crew is of exhilaration and sheer excitement.

The crew are a bunch of crazy kids (spent a bit too long at sea) but are heaps of fun and are training us hard, and are pushing us to our limits in preparation for day 8, when the youth crew run the ship for 24 hours. We are eating better than we do at home, happy hour starts at 08:00...AM, with cheap spirits and the house special pine-o-clean (WITH A complimentary bucket and mop).

We are zipping along the east coast of Australia at an out of control pace of 5.4 knots ( this is triple the speed we've been travelling so far ). Apart from the amount of food we are eating we sweat about 2lt every night sleeping on our rotisserie (otherwise known as sleeping quarters). The days are beautiful, the sailing is unreal and you might not see us for a few months as we have decided to wait for the cyclone season to hit hard....

Signing off for now ��� love you all, see you soon
p.s. the exclamation mark doesn't work on this keypad.

Stay tuned

Andrew Davis