Voyage name: 
14 - 24 March
34 15.5' S
151 15.1' E
Wind: 055 / 18 in, Weather: cloudy with regular passing showers, Swell: easterly at 2.5 m, Temp: 27 deg C
Weighed anchor after Morning Brief and commenced passage to Jervis Bay.
Ahoy there shipmates!
After a good night's rest at anchor from Dangar Is, in the Hawkesbury River, we had hoped for a sunny morning! But no, more of the same overcast skies and passing showers. Our wet weather gear is getting a good workout!
After the Youth Crew's first experience of the RAN ceremony of colours, during which the Naval Ensign and Australian National Flag are hoisted up their flagpoles, we launched into morning brief, at which they met "Salty the Seadog" for the first time. Salty's job onboard is to explain the myriad of nautical terms used by the crew, often with the use of willing, if not very able, Staffy actors.
The Ship got underway after our first "Happy Hour" (cleaning stations) and departed Broken Bay, commencing the passage to Jervis Bay(JB).
During the exit the watches continued their setting and furling practice and then once we exited the bay we set the Jib and Mainsail and the Ship went to "Tacking Stations" and undertook two tacks so the crew experienced their duties and I was able to satisfy myself that the crew had reached the required level of competence for the Ship to be able to be at sea overnight. That achieved the watches then set the Topsail and Topgallant square sails for the first time.
I expect to reach JB early in the morning and intend anchoring there after some more tacking and wearing-ship practice.
Of those Youthies who were experiencing sea sickness yesterday, some have come good. It is hoped the remainder will do the same after a night at anchor in JB tomorrow night.
Until tomorrow,
Yours Aye, Captain Mike