Voyage name: 
19 April - 23 April

Currently at anchor in Broken bay and experiencing light south easterly breezes.

Ahoy Shipmates,

This morning everyone was on deck at 0630 for a a wet Early Morning Activity (EMA), which was followed by the normal hearty YE breakfast. At 0800 the YC were mustered on the port side of the bridge and introduced to the ceremony of colours (raise flags and sing National Anthem) and morning brief before turning to for their first set of cleaning stations Happy Hour). Under the guidance of their watch leaders, the crew spent the remainder of the morning practicing line handling, sail setting/furling drills and deck safety. The anchor was weighed at 1330 and the ship proceeded out of Sydney Harbour under full plain sail passing the beautifully restored Tall Ship "James Craig" just east of North Head. The rest of the afternoon was spent conducting tacking drills and by late afternoon the crew had become quite proficient at this complex evolution.
Just after dinner YE sailed into the very scenic Broken Bay handing in all sail prior to coming to anchor just north east of Little Pittwater Point. Once safely at anchor the Navigator mustered everyone in the cafe for her anchor brief prior to settling in to anchor watches for the night and a well needed good nights sleep.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav