27° 29' South
153° 3' East
Wind light and variable.
On completion of yesterday's very successful half day sail, the Ship departed the Grain wharf for passage to Bulimba Barracks. Enroute the watches conducted their End of Voyage Talks, aimed at
relating the lessons learnt onboard to everyone's normal lives at home. The general consensus was that everyone had a fantastic time with YOUNG ENDEAVOUR.

At Bulimba the youth crew were very busy giving the Ship (and each other) a very thorough wash down. All the little bits of salad from the half day sail (and a few eggs and some flour from the 'skylarking') were scrubbed away and the Ship soon looked fantastic.

A 'Pie and Peas' night at Speedy's Cafe was followed by a magnificent SOD's opera. Unfortunately Miss YOUNG ENDEAVOUR UNIVERSE
escaped from her captors who had hoisted her aloft the Gantline and left her there to observe the concert, much to the merriment of all. The Youth Crew also perfomed some highly amusing and entertaining acts, allowing the staff to see themselves in a new light.

Overnight the youth crew remained busy, completing their voyage critiques, and writing six monthly letters. The youth crew were also presented with a magnificent book - 'The Life and Times of Young
Endeavour' which will hopefully grace their coffee tables or bookshelves for years to come.

This morning the Ship departed Bulimba for our present position. Whilst underway the youth crew manned the yards in preparation for our arrival. Many people walking along the River, enjoying breakfast on their balconies or enjoying a ride to work on the River Cat Ferries were treated to a rousing rendition of the National Anthem
and 'Aussie, Aussie, Aussie'. The Ship made an impressive sight as it berthed at Dockisde at 1000.

And thus the voyage draws to a close. The youth crew, greeted by many family and friends have now all left the ship. A quiet peace has decended on the Ship as the staff commence their end of voyage checks and prepare for the next voyage.

Farewell to XO Lisa. She is leaving YOUNG ENDEAVOUR and the Navy after this voyage for a new life in Tasmania. A wonderful musical and enthusiastic staff member she has been an integral part of the staff crew. We will miss her for her smile and her music, as a Shipmate and a friend. Good luck.

Also I leave the Ship and the Navy after this voyage. It is hard to leave so many friends after sharing so many happy, trying and challenging times onboard. Something as wonderful as YOUNG ENDEAVOUR must be shared, not just with youth crew but staff as well, and I know that the Ship is in safe hands for its future. Thank you all,
particularly the 'real boss' Captain Brenton for the opportunity to
command YOUNG ENDEAVOUR for my last voyage.

'and wasn't that the best time, that time when we were young
and the sea; young and had nothing, on the sea that gives
nothing, except hard knocks - and sometimes a chance to feel
your strength'.
Joseph Conrad 'YOUTH'

Yours Aye,

Phil Gaden
Lieutenant, RAN
Acting Commanding Officer