Voyage name: 
V03/18 Sydney to Devonport
29 Jan - 08 Feb 2018
35 44.9' S
150 18.2' E

Weather - fine, partly cloudy, Wind - south easterly at 10 kn, Swell - southerly at 2.0 m and easterly at 1.0 m, Temp: 17 deg. C

Ahoy there Shipmates,

We had a challenging night at sea battling against strong 35 knot southerly winds and 4 metre swells. The youth crew kept bridge watches, performing lookout duties and helping with sail handling throughout the night. Many suffered the ‘mal-de-mer’ in the uncomfortable conditions. Those off watch trying to get some sleep were not much better off, hanging on to their racks (beds) hoping not to get thrown out. I hope most of them made use of their ‘lee-sheets’fitted for this purpose.

Sail Master James woke everyone up at 0700 and encourage them to get up and have some breakfast. Being kind-hearted as he is, James decided to give the crew the forenoon off to try and catch up on some sleep, so many did not get out of their racks at all.
As the swell and resultant motion of the Ship was not really conducive to undertaking briefings or practical training on deck it was decided to just have the watch on closed up on the bridge and the other two watches were able to stay below. A significant number of youth crew were still suffering sea sickness so they took the opportunity to get some more rest.

Just after dinner we anchored the Ship in Bateman’s Bay, in the recommended anchorage to the NW of the Tollgate Islands, to enable repairs to be undertaken to the damaged clew of the Main Staysail and to re-attach a car on the head of the Main Sail which had come loose. A number of faces appeared on deck, that we hadn’t seen all day, while at the anchorage with some colour in their faces and munching on some food. Repairs were completed 45 min later and we then weighed anchor and returned to sea to continue our passage southwards along the NSW south coast.

Until tomorrow evening.

Yours Aye
Captain Mike