Voyage name: 
V13/18 Mackay to Airlie Beach
20 Jul - 30 Jul 2018
20 43 south
149 15 east

Course:  016 degrees    Speed:  7 knots

Wind:  South easterly at 14 knots    Swell:  South easterly 0.5m   Weather:   Cloudy

Ahoy shipmates,

After their first full night underway some of the Youth Crew of Voyage 13/14 were a little bit green this morning and very thankful that we finally made our way to anchor on the western side of Brampton Island. After dropping the pick (anchor) at 0910 we rolled straight into the morning brief. It was then into happy hour followed by the Navigation Brief from James.  After a delicious lunch, and a quick introduction to the non-competitive (yeah right) knowledge test affectionately known as rope races, we sent our intrepid adventurers ashore for some time on dry land, in the vicinity of the old Brampton Island resort. This is such a picturesque spot it is a shame the resort is no longer operational.  After a few hours of sun and sand, it was back on board for some nibbles (cheese and bickies) and then 3 way talks, where we all get to learn a bit more about our Youth Crew members. After another filling dinner from Zac, it was time to weigh anchor and recommence our passage towards the Whitsundays. We are aiming for a cruise up the Whitsunday Passage under sail tomorrow morning…always fun! Now I’ll hand you over to Holly and Bomber.

Fair winds,

Captain Kenny


Ahoy landlubbers!!!  Your trusty blue  watch reps here, Holly and Bomber, writing from what has been an adventure of a life time. Following yet another incredible breakfast aboard the Young Endeavour we came to anchor at Brampton Island at around 9am. We had our morning brief which consisted of the much loved, infamous Salty Seadog story - a joy for all - before proceeding to a Nav brief where we began learning about sailing the high seas. After this we received instructions on how to safely board the rib waiting to take us over to Brampton. Eating lunch we all eagerly chatted about being able to put our feet on solid ground and “hug a tree” as our Captain Kenny instructed (apparently a great cure for sea sickness?). We cruised over the incredibly blue water over to the island and sank our feet into the sand. The crew cracked some delicious coconuts and we drank the sweet water inside, downing the flesh along with it. Our Navigator proved himself to not only be a top nav but also an avid hunter/gatherer catching a magnificent crayfish. It was really interesting to be able to visit Brampton Island as the history behind it is rather intriguing, having been abandoned in 2011 and now being home to the eerily quiet ruins of a resort that once was. Upon the sand flats we trialed our team and learnt about the importance of participation in a game where we formed a circle with rope and, all leaning back, had people tightrope walk around the circle (held up completely by the crew!). After a refreshing swim in the crystal clear water it was time to head back to the ship. We jumped into three-way conversations (an activity that allowed us to learn about each others’ interests as well as origins). Three-way conversations was entertaining to say the least with lots of laughs and, importantly a more connected feeling amongst the ship. Dinner was, as you can probably guess, incredible (Bomber being a fantastic galley hand). Currently good ol’ Blueys (Ziggy, Pete, Haylz, Reilly, Bomber, Holly and Karly) are carrying out our watch for tonight, known as first watch. Tonight we will further develop our understanding of navigation by working in our small group with our ship Navigator. Tomorrow is another adventure waiting to happen and we are more than ready to take it on!

Yours Truly,

Holly and Bomber

p.s Hi Mum

p.p.s having an amazing time


“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand”

Old Chinese Proverb.