38° 40' South
145° 3'
Current situation at 1800: At sea in Bass Strait, south of Cowes. Wind sou'west at 28 knots. Temp a chilly 12C with some warm passing showers.
Big Tuesday got even bigger today as we headed across Port Philip Bay as a weather front passed over us and the YC learned about deck safety and sail setting before heading into open ocean. After lunch we transited the treacherous Rip near Queenscliff, and starting pitching our bow into the big seas and swells. Soon we had the sails set and were leaning over and the ride got more comfortable and quicker and we started heading south east for Wilson's Promontory.

The conditions are quite difficult for the YC at the moment but we shall seek some respite on Wednesday at the aptly named Refuge Bay for a few hours to recover, go ashore and have a meal. There's been loads of fish feeding but that should taper off tomorrow as the YC become more accustomed to the motion of the ocean.

No YC entry today, but check out the Captain's Voice Log - you just might hear someone you know....

Stay tuned,
Andrew Davis