Voyage name: 
22 August - 21 October 2015
0 degrees 41 minutes North
30 degrees 34 minutes West

Currently located 41nm north of the equator sailing close hauled under all fore and aft sail and experiencing moderate - strong SE winds with a 1m NE swell. Our current speed is 6.5kts and the temperature is 20 degrees.

Welcome to day 46 of our voyage

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 46 of our voyage. Well finally the wind gods have smiled upon us and we have been able to shut down engines and are now enjoying some pleasant sailing under fore and aft sails just north of the equator.

Talking of the equator their have been some rumblings from the deep during the past couple of days as we have got closer to the equator which means that we are nearing King Neptune’s domain. When I came on watch this evening a mysterious letter appeared in the Ship’s Log which advised of the following:


From – Neptunus Rex Ruler of the Deep

To – Commanding Officer STS Young Endeavour

Subject: Prepare to Receive King Neptune

All Staff and World Voyagers of STS Young Endeavour are hereby advised that His Oceanic Majesty King Neptune and his Royal Entourage will board your ship at 1400 Wednesday 07 October 2015 at Latitude 00 degrees, Longitude 030 degrees west for the purpose of cleansing your ship of all Pollywogs that may be present. Be Young Endeavour prepared in all respects to receive King Neptune with full Oceanic Honours.

Signed the Royal Scribe – Neptunus Rex


So there you have it, we will be visited tomorrow by Neptune tomorrow and hopefully by the end of the day our World Voyage Pollywogs will have graduated/evolved into salty Shellbacks.

At the moment we are located 41nm to the north of the equator and given our current speed should pass back into the Southern Hemesphere for the first time since 02 Mar 15 in the early hours of tomorrow morning.

Writing tonight’s Captains Log is Sam, please enjoy!


Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


Captain’s Log 6/10/15

It was all quiet below decks with the crew sleeping in their racks and blue watch up on decks scheming away. Wakey wakey brought back all the trauma of yesterday’s assassin deaths. Red watch rolled out of bed and worked though a paranoid breakfast before jumping up on watch. Our assumption is most people stayed in bed til the last possible moment as it is one of the only “safe” places on board.

Morning brief presented by Brad as today’s Sail Master included a chat from Dr Nick about the amazingness of trees... despite being in the middle of the ocean, and a shake up to the game rules for assassin from Nina. We are no longer safe on watch. The paranoia has increased.

Another happy hour kicked off as a vigorous attempt to rid ourselves of the remaining buggies causing some of our crew to remain a little under the weather. Boys cleaned their sheets and scrubbed their mattresses with chlorine to put the final nail in the buggy coffin. Pre lunch alliances were made and broken as crew struggled to stay alive. A cheeky climb to un-gasket the fisherman sail saved Bob and Sam from being involved in the intrigue.

Amazing lunch as always and we launched gratefully into siesta to be awoken for happy fun times with Annie and Axel. Today’s games were chalk twister which is exactly as hard as you imagine with a tilted rolling deck and 11 people to a board. Two quick games was followed by Sailors and Pirates (today’s name for mafia assassin). Damo was once again a target due to his vocal nature. No one believed his stories and spin, which could have been truth, lies or down right manipulation. Damo agrees it’s mostly manipulation. Some napping, reading and moving in packs continued into dinner.

As we write this log, there has been some internal backstabbing in Red Watch with the luring of people away to allow for intra-watch murder. We are now really red watch with blood all through the challenger room.

All in all a good day, we shall see who is alive as we hit the equator sometime this evening.

All are prepared for a visit from King Neptune. Adios for the last time in the Northern Hemisphere.

Written by Sam


Shout outs:

Damo – G’day Dad, happy birthday today, assuming I did my time zone correctly. Sorry I can’t be there. Hey to everyone else, I’ll be back onto land soon.