Voyage name: 
22 August - 21 October 2015
8 degrees 14 minutes South
32 degrees 51 minutes West

Currently located 1220nm NE of Rio de Janeiro sailing close haulded on a port tack and enjoying moderate to strong 15-18kt ESE winds with a 1m SE swell. Our current speed is 6.5kts and the temperature is 22 degrees.

Welcome to day 50 of our voyage

Hi everyone,

Welcome to day 50 of our voyage. Day 50 where has the time gone, it only seemed like yesterday that the Crew of Passage Six were joining us in Amsterdam now we only have just over ten days and we will be saying our goodbyes.

As highlight in last nights log today was a Sunday Sea.

Routine which gave the majority of us the opportunity to enjoy a sleep in, catch a movie, do some washing or just climb the mast or sit out on the bowsprit and enjoy being at sea. Days like today are very important because they give all of us a chance to recharge our batteries so that we can keep on going.

Reading our logs you probably believe that life onboard this 44m ship sailing the Atlantic Ocean is easy but when you read tonight’s log you will hopefully realise that trying to work, sleep, eat, shower and do the most basic of things when you constantly are heeling over from 15-20 degrees for days on end is not easy and it does eventually where you down.

Given our Sunday routine I haven’t got a lot of news to report in tonight’s log so will hand over to Amy and Talbot so that they can give you some insight into their time at sea, enjoy!

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

Captain’s Log 10/10/15

As a boy my Dad told me cows that graze on a hillside cannot turn around because they have two legs shorter than the other. It took me years to realise Dad wasn’t telling the truth, but having now spent one week at a 20deg heel my body is starting to suggest his theory may have some validity.

Life below decks is like living in a giant pinball machine. Rolling out of bed, we are aimed and then ricocheted around by the ship, always eventually arriving where we need to go, until we’re finally flung back into our racks. It’s easy to imagine our Sail Master Dougie as an excitable, 10 year old down at the milk bar, thumbs at the ready, pulling back the springs to jettison us out of our bunks and across the decks in the pursuit of more sail and speed.

The speed we love, but group consensus suggests there are two negatives to this heel. Firstly, we can only have half measures of tea for fear of a spill, the other is that the peas keep rolling off the plate. As was taught at the Burns family dinner table;

I eat my peas with honey,

I have since I could walk.

It makes my peas taste funny,

But it keeps them on the fork.

-M & P Burns

We feel petty complaining about such things, but when you have been eating cereal for 24hrs straight the little things somehow matter so much more….as Amy found out. We’ve been learning the ins and outs of human nature over the last few months, and if yesterday’s shake-of-the-sauce-bottle fiasco taught us anything, it’s to never, ever mess with a seaman’s daily slog. Especially not what you put on their plate! Cereal for dinner was not a good idea, but as Captain Gav might say: “The bird that falls into the pile of shit doesn’t get eaten. So be good to your mother”.

Sunset beckons.

Amy + Talbot

Shout outs

Evan’s Mum: He made us listen to the WHOLE Les Miserables soundtrack. He knows all the lyrics. You would have been proud, apparently.

Gilly: Hey Everyone back home! My new name is Assassin Overlord of Doom, so just start throwing it around to get everyone used to it. I had Amy give me a haircut the other day and I feel she did a pretty good job. Apparently my hair has gone super blonde according to a few people on board… Commiserations to all my fellow Broncos fans! Talk soon!!!

Rudy: Hi Mumma and Dadda! Just sending you bulk love once again  xxx

Amy: Hello my beautiful fam, I’ve found myself telling lots of stories of you all lately. This ocean just keeps getting better and better- hope your days are as almighty as mine. Love you all so much, can’t wait for a long and raucous hello from Rio, getting giddy with anticipation xxxxoxoxox