Voyage name: 
22 August - 21 October 2015
9 degrees 42 minutes North
27 degrees 15 minutes West

Currently located 450nm to the SW of Mindelo motor sailing in very light conditions. Our current speed is 6kts and the temperature is 24 degrees with about 90% humidity.

Welcome to day 42 of our voyage

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 42 of our voyage. Apologies for not writing in last nights log but I suffered a return of the dreaded ‘Mindelo Belly’ and ended up back in bed for another 24hrs. Since this afternoon I have been feeling a little better so hopefully I am now on mend and life will be good again.

Given the time spent recovering in my cabin I haven’t got much news for you this evening so hopefully our World Voyagers will do a good job of enlightening you on their day’s activities. One thing that I can tell you is that it has been a hot one with very little wind and very high humidity which I guest we should expect when we are this close to the Equator. We are doing as much as we possibly can to keep the ship cool and due to the light conditions we currently have both the midships and the boom awning rigged which is providing plenty of much need shade. 

Currently we are located 450nm to the south west of Mindelo motor sailing in extremely light conditions. The latest forecast is for the wind to strengthen from the south east sometime tomorrow so hopefully when I sit down to write tomorrow nights log we will be back sailing and hopefully enjoying some slightly cooler weather.

The Watches were all shuffled again today so writing tonight’s Captains Log from the newly formed Blue Watch is Zac and Kate, please enjoy!

Until tomorrow, take care 

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


Shout out:

A big ‘Happy Birthday’ to my wonderful sister Anne I hope that you have a wonderful day, as always you will be in my thoughts. Love Gav xox


We woke up this morning in a pool of sweat and made our way to morning brief where Dougie confirmed the official forecast was for another Stinker! And it lived up to it, also at the morning brief we learned we would be switching watches again for the second last time before we reach Rio. We are eagerly looking forward to getting to know our new watch members and get reacquainted with some of our old ones through our overnight watches tonight.

After another rigorous happy hour, due to out breaks of squirty bum, we all retired to areas of shade because our days watches were kindly taken over by the staffies in order to make sure no one doubled up on watches from the previous day. We have had the large awning up for a few days now and it is a common sight to see many youthies reading their books, sleeping on deck and working on their tan.

After another fabulous lunch we got prepared for an on deck pool party to escape the heat, when we arrived on deck much to our surprise the pool (blow up kiddie size) was already tightly packed with four fully grown men. Luckily the fire hose was rigged and there was plenty of water for everyone who missed out on the first session in the pool. The staffies came to join in on the cool down, some more appropriately dressed than others. (Horto our eyes are still burning seeing your attempt at a belly flop into said kiddys pool in nothing but speedos). Finally we hosed off the awning and closed the pool for today.

Today was also the start of 12 games in 12 days where the youthies star as the Game masters. Getting us started was Talbot with a face painting extravaganza where we had to guess the animal which was coincidently a Tasmanian Devil. Followed next by Sam’s more educational approach where we were tasked to construct a catapult from ropes and sticks relying on our knowledge of lashings… Luckily Sam helped some of us with a few handy hints and before long we were catapulting grapes across midships at each other. Well done Sam and Talbot it was a great way to get started.

Now as we write this captains log were cruising through the glassy conditions of the Atlantic waiting for the sun to set, listening to some tunes, digesting our epic chocolate peanut butter brownies (thank you Keely) and awaiting another surprise movie night! Cant help but feel blessed, there’s nowhere we would rather spend our Friday arvo then right here.

Zac and Kate – Blue watch

Shout outs

zac- hey mum and reggie hope your enjoying your holidays, ill give you a ring when I get to Rio. Love you both x

Kate: hey fambam still alive loving life cruising the Atlantic, even if it is super hot! Isabelle sorry I missed skyping you again - I’ll catch up when I get to Rio! Jenny if you’re reading, unfortunately couldn’t find “ocean folly’ graffiti on the docks in Mindelo! Speak soon xxx

Gilly: To the family! I was one of the few who didn’t get sick, even though I ate heaps of local food on the Island! Still skinny though… Talk to you soon! GO THE MIGHTY BRONCOS!!!

Nina: Shout-out to my two fave peeps at OA; you know who you are. Hi to mum and dad… sorry I didn’t call you from Mindelo… hope the ski-trip was a win. Special mention to the Burleys, Kennetts + Harleys. I’ll be seeing Trine in less than 3 weeks! Much love

Vita: To my friends and family – I love you all very much, you’re in my thoughts and I will be in touch, for reals, once I’ve settled a bit in Rio de Janeiro… eeek… another year has nearly passed. Vx

Maddy: A big hello to Mum, Dad, Dayne, Jasper, Ally, Tay, Han and the rest of you lot. I’m currently watching the most beautiful pink and purple sunset off the coast of Western Africa and missing you all dearly! Enjoy the footy tomorrow. Speak to you all from Rio! Love xxxxxxxxx

Annie: Hi Mum, Dadda, Nanna, Kate and Jeremy! Today was a scorcher and it is only meant to get hotter as we continue through the doldrums! This little Tasmanian is struggling! Regular cold showers and ice packs are currently keeping me going haha. Miss you guys heaps! Off to watch a movie on the big screen on deck (tough life I know). Lots of love xx