Voyage name: 
11 - 21 July
32 42.8' S
152 08.7' E
Fine, light and variable winds, nil swell, temp 14 deg. C (at anchor in Port Stephenson)
Anchored at Nelson Bay in Port Stephens at 1100. Youth Crew went ashore after lunch for a couple of hours. We are remaining here over night.
After passaging down the coast overnight, during which we ran downwind under the Topsail for 4 hours, we entered Port Stephens and anchored at Nelson Bay marina at 1100. We undertook morning brief and happy hour before lunch, followed by Watch Officer Kyle's nautical Rule of the Road brief.
Youth Crew went ashore at 1300 for 3 hours for a leg stretch while having a look at Nelson Bay township. When they returned onboard round 2 of Rope Races was held, which was followed by a BBQ on deck, while enjoying the night time scenery of Port Stephens.
Dinner was followed by a public speaking and get-to-know you shipmates activity called 3 - Way Chats. The Youthies learned a little more about each other through this activity. Navigator Harry then gave a brief to the Youthies on their duties and responsibilities when keeping anchor watches, which begin for them tonight.
The Ship will remain at anchor in Nelson Bay overnight.
Until tomorrow.
Yours, aye
Captain Mike