21° 44' South
150° 19' East
Wind SSW 15 -20 knots, sea calm, cool
Ahoy Shipmates!

We have just had a great sail down from Brampton Island and have anchored for the afternoon/early evening for beach sports, mid voyage talks and a \teak beach BBQ\". We will be weighing anchor shortly after 1900 this evening to continue our passage south into increasing winds of 25-33 knots, for which a \"strong wind warning\" has been issued. This is actually really good sailing breeze for the ship and we are looking forward to a rollicking good sail.

Today has also been pretty busy - this morning we emolpyed Damo, our unemployed meterologist to do the weather brief, and immediately after lunch we completed rotational tacks, where the Youth Crew watches tack the ship to see who does what at tacking stations.

The pace of preparations for Command Day is increasing; with a little over 48 hours to go before the big day, there is still a lot to learn...

Until tomorrow, you scurvy lot,

Yours Aye,

Captain Chris