Voyage name: 
07 August - 17 August
Wind NE 5kts, Clear and Calm

Ahoy Me Hearties,

To tell you about the last 24 hours in the life if YOUNG ENDEAVOUR, here are YC Mark, Liam, and Nick:

Early morning watch started off interesting with lots of traffic and Whips and the youth crew had fun navigating around them. There was very little wind so there was no sailing but this allowed the youth crew on watch over night had time to broaden their knowledge about navigation.
Our watch under the expert leadership of our magnificent watch leader Brad broadened our knowledge of the ships equipment, tying knots and safety drills.

As we sailed onwards to Mooloolaba, we performed the captains setting and furling drills, in which our captain chris checked our readiness for command day, which is tommorrow.

When we arrived at mooloolaba we weighed anchor and the youth crew went ashore for a great afternoon of shopping and a game of touch footy on the beach.

As the sun sank into the horizon in a glorious sunshine coast afternoon, the crew relaxed over a beautiful barbecue and talked eagerly about command day, in which the youth crew take total command of the ship for 24 hours.

Thanks Guys,

As for tomorrow, it's command day - who knows what will happen next...

P.S. Happy Birthday Mum from Chad,

Yours Aye



Chris Galloway
Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer