40° 11' South
148° 1' East
Currently at anchor in Fotheringate Bay and enjoying light NW winds with nil swell.
Hi Everyone,
This morning was fine but with a slight chill in the air. Overnight we had continued to make good progress across Bass Strait and by morning brief we were located 70nm to the north west of Flinders Island, sailing close hauled under fore and aft sails and sitting on a comfortable 7kts of boat speed. During the morning the Navigator provided an informative presentation on the scientific art of navigation then followed this up with some practical chart work. Following another fantastic lunch cooked by our talented Chef Sammi , Lindsey the Engineer mustered everyone on deck and hosted round 2 of the supposedly ���non-competitive rope races'. On completion of this activity I spent time with each of the watches discussing sail theory and in particular the intricacies of sailing a square rigged sailing ship.
By 1700 we were only 4nm from our anchorage, so all sail was handed in and Young Endeavour came safely to anchor in Fotheringate Bay, which is located on the south western side of Flinders Island and is in the lea of the majestic Strzelecki Peaks. Following dinner this evening we conducted a very entertaining session of ���three way talks'(public speaking and getting to know you exercise) which was followed by an anchor watch brief prior to reverting to anchor watches for the night.
Tonight we will enjoy a good night's sleep at anchor before proceeding ashore tomorrow morning for a good leg stretch and a swim in the cool waters of Fotheringate Bay.
Until tomorrow, take care.
Yours Aye
Captain Gav