32° 36' South
152° 20' East
Calm, cool
Ahoy there ye lubbers,

'Tis great to be at anchor for the first time this voyage! We have made pretty good time down the coast, so we have been able to stop for a few hours at Broughton Island (off Port Stephens) for a snappy run ashore and some sport/swimming on the beach.

Overnight we finished up our last preparations for Command Day, which begins tomorrow at 0600 sharp. We need to steam for part of the night tonight to get there in preparation for the big day out. What happens next is anybody's guess!

To tell you about her voyage so far, here is YC Kristen (aka \squeak\"):

hii everyone especially dad,i miss you and love you lots. EveryOne is loving it now, the first night was abit rough and everyone was sick and abit scared but everyone has come good now and some of us dont want to get off. We anchored today and everyone had a swim at the beach. we'll be arriving in Sydney about 6pm tomorrow hopefully. C you all soon. Love KRISTEN XXXOOO

Until tomorrow, Shipmates,

Yours Aye


Chris Galloway
Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer"