20° 48' South
149° 16' East
Wind - SE 10-15 knots, easing; sea calm; cool and clear
Ahoy Shipmates,

Here we are at anchor in beautiful Brampton Is, wehere we arrived after lunch today.

I don't think I have seen as relieved a Youth Crew in recent times as I saw today - they were all really keen to get ashore to find the best known cure for seasickness known to man - sit under a tree!

Overnight the sailing was fantastic, with all of the watches having the need to go alfot in the 20-25 knot winds to sea furl the square sails. During the night we had to tack ship three times, so there were several \rude awakenings\" at 2100, midnight, and 0400. To their credit, eveyone turned to at their tacking station, although not all were as cherry as they had previously been....

This morning Damo regailed the team with his knowledge of the dark art of navigation, after which we sampled Bails' \"road kill grill\" for lunch. We took the ship to anchor under sail this afternoon, which is usually a more advanced evolution conducted later in the voyage - the team did very well and all proceeded smoothly.

While ashore this afternoon the YC spent time with two other members from different watches, in preparation for this evening's three-way talks, where they get to talk about each other in front of the group. It is always entertaining....

Tomorrow the weather forecast is for calm conditions, so it will be a slow sail to the Percy Is, where we will go to anchor on Monday night.

Until tomorrow, shipmates,

Yours Aye,

Captain Chris"