33° 51' South
151° 15' East
Currently at anchor in Rose Bay and experiencing moderate south easterly winds.
Ahoy Shipmates,
Today saw the commencement of Voyage ANC 02/08 from Sydney to Sydney. The voyage began at 1000 with a warm welcome to the new Youth Crew at Fleet Base East 5A. After Staff Crew introductions and a pre-sailing safety brief, lines were cast off and the ship commenced the short passage to her anchorage in Rose Bay. During the passage the YC undertook a series of ice breaker activities which are designed to give the new crew an opportunity to get to know each other. The ship came to anchor in Rose Bay (Sydney Harbour) just before 1115. Once at anchor the Watch Leaders conducted ship familiarisation tours, which were completed just in time for lunch. After a quick break it was straight into individual command briefs followed by deck safety and to finish of the afternoon a set of three way talks. After a fantastic dinner prepared by our executive Chef Jarrod, the Sail Master conducted his safety aloft brief which was followed by the much anticipated first climb of the foremast. The time is now 2230 and all of the Youth Crew have just returned to the deck after having successfully achieved climbing to the topgallant yard (highest yard). This now completes day 1 of our training program and a very tired but happy Youth Crew will be shortly turning in for their first nights sleep onboard YE.

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav