21° 7' South
149° 14' East
Wind South-South East at 20-25 knots
Sea moderate (all calm in the marina!)
Ahoy Shipmates,

Well, Voyage 09/06 is almost over - today we had our \half day sail\" with the epople from Life Stream - a disability group catering to a range of peopple with intellectual disabilities. Unfortunately the weather was too rough outside, so we entertained our guests in the marina with lunch, boat rides, a video, ship tours and a rendition of all the YOUNG ENDEAVOUR favourites like \"Green Alligators\" and \"I'm a little rocket ship\". Having had a great few hours, all of our new friends left having had a pretty good time.

This afternoon we stored ship for the next voyage, completed \"rope races\" and put in harbour furls on the square sails. Tonight we will have our last meal from \"Cafe Chad\" before our ship's concert and end of voyage debriefs. Everyone is excited at the notion of getting home, but also a little sad at leaving the ship and all of their new friends. It's been a great voyage in a great part of the world.

The next Captain's Log will be on Tuesday from Hibbo, who takes over as Captain for voyages 10/06 (Mackay to Cairns) and 11/06) Cairns to Hamilton Island.

Until next time,

Yours Aye,

Chris Galloway
Lieutenant Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer"