Voyage name: 
V10/17 Sydney to Brisbane
21 Aug - 31 Aug 2017
31 38.2' S
153 11.5' E

Wind - NE at 15 kn, Weather - fine, Swell - easterly at 1.0m, Temp - 16 deg. C

G’day Shipmates,
Welcome to day 3 of our adventure under sail. The ship continued motor-sailing north overnight along the NSW coast. The wind remained light and variable and the swell was negligible through the night. This was fortuitous as it is giving our new crew members a chance to get their sea legs before we strike any bigger seas. Overnight the crew focussed on getting a handle on their watch duties. These include helmsman, lookouts and doing weather observations and engineering rounds, all essential things to keep the Ship running 24/day.

With the rising of the sun, the promise of a new day and a cheerful Wakey Wakey song from Sailmaster Kyle, the remainder of the crew who were not on watch awoke after their first night at sea in Australia’s National Sail Training Ship.

After another of Cinnamon’s spectacular breakfasts (including porridge, cereals, fresh tropical fruit, fresh-baked croissants and homemade chocolate pancakes!) we gathered on the bridge for the morning brief. Today the crew heard again from Sailmaster Kyle, ‘Salty the Sea-Dog (Evan), Navigator Adam and myself with my inspirational quote of the day. At the end of the brief the youthies launched into the usual Happy Hour. On completion the crew received a briefing from Evan on the nautical Rule of the Road. This provided a basic level of knowledge of collision avoidance, which is training necessary for Command Day.

After lunch we kicked off the first round of Rope Races (Allan the engineer’s favourite). This activity is a competition between the watches to test their retention of ship knowledge on a variety of topics such as safety equipment, parts of the fore-and-aft and the square sails. Next Adam the Navigator gave the crew a briefing on Navigation, another important Command Day topic.

That was followed by Rotational Tacks in which the watches experience what the other watches do at their Tacking Stations when the Ship tacks. Dinner followed and then Ship settled into watches for another night of motor-sailing northwards.
The intention is to remain at sea again overnight continuing to make good ground towards Brisbane and planning for an overnight anchorage at Trial Bay (South West Rocks) on Thursday night.

Yours Aye
Captain Mike